Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year Without Greetings

Around 5 years before, these were the days I used to wait for post-man who comes with a handful of New Year cards. In schools, friends will directly hand over the greeting cards on the last day of Christmas exams. Cousins, relatives and other well wishers too used to mail me colorful greetings.

I’d a habit of collecting cards which I’d left only a few years back. The main contributor to my collection was my grand father who used to get an average of 200 cards a year. I and my cousin will part it into two without any fights.

From my school, I got many cards. In those, I still remember a very tiny greeting given by the twin brothers of my class, then cards of a girl who had a fine handwriting and a guy who never miss to give a card to all the girls of that class. Also the gifts from New Year friend… I would peep into shops to choose cards by this time. It was fun; to choose, to write cute wishes and to mail!

Now the scene has changed. Everyone goes for economical means. SMS and e-cards have replaced lovely little paper greetings. We can’t blame people too. To buy a good card, the price tag starts from Rs. 30. Stamp charges are also too high.

There is no use waiting for post-man today. He only brings telephone bills. I can’t see any rush in fancy shops to get the best cards. Like all other sweet memories, greeting cards have become a part of nostalgia… For next generation, it may be an antique to collect!

My mobile is vibrating. Oh! A New Year message,



  1. Not like that..I still like to gift a card to special ones in my life.. Nothing can replace that pretty papers....:)

  2. ya...dats there..but the number of cards you send before and now will be different

  3. haha.. loved the ending!!! but u forgot to take into account those various times wen our letter and cards wud b misplaced and nvr reached the destination in dis whole lyf!!! atleast now we sure it is received to the concerned person.. and i dnt think the medium is imp but the feeling behind it.. it is memories that we cherish.. not the cards!!!