Monday, December 27, 2010

F 4 FACE and B 4 BOOK

Tough language and complex words make that magazine hard to read. But an issue of the weekly made me to sit and read. The cover story is about Facebook (FB). Then I thought why I can’t go for it as my new blog post. Some may call it as plagiarism; but usually whatever I write in my blog, next day I could see it’s another version in another blog. Anyway I don’t intend to do a copy-paste.

I began my social networking life in Orkut. Later I tried my hand in many sites. But nothing gave me satisfaction. Two of my friends, Vidya and Laxmi asked me to start an account in FB. In the beginning, I couldn’t grab the applications in the site. Also in Facebook, all our status is public and so anyone who is in our friend’s list could comment on that. This made me uneasy. I kept a distance in the earlier stage. When I complaint the ‘openness’ to those who dragged me into the network, they advised me to sign in every day.

Slowly I too could pick up the pace and now I’m one of the active members in FB. I made an account only a few months back. Today I’ve more than 660 friends. I got a few celebrity friends who make me updated about their movements. I’m a part of five groups in which I own two. One is for my school batch mates and the other is Chandni, a group of those who admired my grandfather’s house (that home is no more owned by us). Again slowly I enjoyed commenting and pressing ‘like’ for my friends’ status and photos. Games and other apps are very interesting in it. It gave me some shocks too especially when it chose the same person as my killer, my friend for next year and who likes me most. The predictions in ‘phrases’ is amazing though many of those cannot be published publicly. And above all, I could sense my friends and relatives around me when I get into that site.

It is the virtual reality at its best that makes FB on the top list. When it is treated as a country in terms of population or members, it is just behind India and China. According to FB survey, the members have an average of 130 friends. It provides space for private communication through messages and public as well with status quotes. Facebook allows online chatting which is never stored in chat history.

There are accusations that FB will take away time as its users spend majority of their day and night commenting and playing games. Complainants never care to check the positive sides where hot discussions on serious issues are held and charity programs are carried out through this site.

For me, I’m deeply, truly and madly addicted to Facebook…