Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let’s not close it soon

My words speak better than sound,
My letters tell better than tone.
Writings are my habitats,
Know me nowhere else.

I stood lonely in darkness,
You held my hands softly.
I asked to move away,
You left silently…

No tears in my eyes,
Yet my lips shivered once.
With hours of silence,
I had to sigh forever.

Sweating me and summer,
Both yearned for a rain.
To survive with smile,
To cool ourselves down!

Never forget to look back,
To find me at the place we met.
I stand frozen and still,
As showers touched me not!

A chapter is easy to turn off,
We have many pages left,
Puzzles and problems ahead,
Let’s not close it soon.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Hmm… It’s Fourth Birthday of Village Girl

I still remember that day! I sat in my post graduation classroom thinking “What should I name my blog?” Finally, the village aspect in me framed this name. Even when my dad says I am not a girl any more, I love to be addressed like that.
It has been four years since I started scribbling here. I am amused by the fact that I survived this many years here. My life revolved around this site once. I’d get excited when I find an increase in the number of followers or a rise in comments for a particular post. I learned the techniques to direct writers whose sites I visit and comment to my blog. I took pride in that.
Slowly I understood that it is the emotional aspect that would drive a blog. Your letters must dance with joy even if you are crying. Words should emit confidence when you are actually depressed. Realities covered with a flavor of imagination define the art of writing.
I must admit I am not as sincere as I used to be once in blogging. I had a stage where I stopped writing for many months. Sometimes, I feel today I blog for namesake. I have no answer of you ask how I am planning to develop my blog.
Life has become a puzzle and I find it hard to solve. When there are too many to laugh at you and your dear ones are bothered about it more than yourselves, days become tough. I need a hope and a smile. My thoughts have become dry suddenly.
I feel I am in a desert where I’d here many people’s voices but can’t see anyone near me. This was not the way I have imagined to celebrate my blog’s fourth birthday.  My sad thoughts have spoiled this post.

Coming to a few good points, I thank my friends who stood with me in blog’s bad times. I am grateful to my followers for not leaving this site when I said I won’t write anymore. Finally a token of love to my dearest friends Anees, Meenakshi, Navin, Vipindas, blogger Anjali and Malabaris Facebook group for your care!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

So I Work At Night

 “So you work at night?” Exclaimed the old lady I met today. People in Kerala are not still familiar with the jobs after sunset. There are a percentage of folks who think work time is always 10am to 5pm. Sleeping after 12 am and waking up late in the morning are many times considered as bad habits especially for females. As a lady, I had to hear comments like you must try for a job at daytime and so on. Interesting thing is that these are said by woman mainly.
If you ask me, I love my job starting from dusk till midnight. I could roam around at daytime and attend functions nearby without wasting leave. I have started reading again as I am free once sun rise.
When I get into buses in the evening, I’d find tired and exhausted travelers way back to their houses. I’ll be fresh with all make-up. Once I reach the newspaper office, time flies. There is no time to admire the color combination that sun create while disappearing or how bright the moon is! Only breaks are ‘canteen hours’ where all will be busy eating and also discussing personal topics.
Once the flow of news stop and the page is done, we’d again have a tea to relax. While we reach back, first edition will be out. After a peep through the paper, we’d get down. Cars would be ready to pick the lady journalists as night is supposed to be a scary time for us to travel.
We would be dropped at our door steps. Those busy streets of the city in the evening will be empty and silent at night except a few beggars curling up in the footpath, huge lorries with heavy goods or some freaky guys dashing off at high speeds in bikes. Many have said they have found prostitutes waiting for ‘customers’ although luckily I haven’t seen. Life would be fun inside pubs and luxury houses but certainly not in streets.
As the car stops at my gate, I would get down and look around closely because it is the only time where I’d see night all alone. Sometimes rain accompanies me till the house. Now it’s a transition time from winter to summer. I could see cats and dogs roaming around. Above all that, the enchanting fragrance of jasmine! Although I am not a great fan of that flower, its aroma makes me crazy now. Before I close my door, I’d stare at the sky to see moon looking lovingly at pole star. Thoughts at night would go wild and emotional. Let me go and have a nap before I start today’s work.