Thursday, July 23, 2015

For A Dad Who Never Made Him Smile

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She came with her two kids for our college ‘get together’. Elder one is four and second is two years old. While the younger baby made merry, other one was quiet. His eyes didn't bear the charisma of childhood. I was observing him all the while.

Though my friend or his mom agreed that her eldest son had all favors of being the first baby, his life was strange. From the day of birth, he had to face lots of problems. While all other kids of his age lived their life so happily, he couldn't.

His mom is a divorcee. She had to face mental, physical and sexual harassment from her husband. And the saddest part is, the elder son had to witness all these almost every time. Moreover, he forcefully made this baby to drink alcohol. For the boy his dad was a scary creature.

As soon as he turned four, his mom admitted him in a nursery school. Other fellows in his class used to entertain him. Yet it'll take time for him to recover.

His mom told me, “He would still say 'I'm going back to my dad's place', when I beat or scold him.”

There is nothing that time could heal especially in a kid's mind. He longs for dad's presence even if his dad never made him smile.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Lady Drive

I'm a keen observer of advertisements especially the female aspects. There are certain typical styles in which ladies are pictured like:
  1. Best cook
  2. 'Washing Machine'
  3. Fair and Lovely obsessed
  4. Make-up loving
  5. Cleaning creature
  6. Gold admirer

I'm fed up of watching all these shows. I wished for a change badly. Not even a rare shot was played with the actual day to day special activities of ladies except in the ads of napkins.

Now comes the change! Chevrolet has come up with an ad for its Chevrolet Enjoy recently. A young woman plays the role of driver and her mom (can be mom-in-law too) takes the front seat. These seats are always occupied by men. Only exception is when she is traveling with her hubby, the front seat will be taken over by wife at times. Overall, the ad is perfect and cute. Way to go ad wizards! 

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

City Dweller Village Girl

Your appearance and dialogues are perfect for a city dweller. You are doing injustice to yourself by a label 'village girl'- commented my colleague a few days back.

He is true to a certain extend. I keep my hair loose and perfectly shampooed. I apply make-up. I use large fancy earrings, bangles and chains. I'm active in social media over phone. I visit malls and wear modern outfit.

But way back, there was a village girl who tied her oiled hair as ponytail and wore only churidars while going out. I was shy then. I spoke quietly. Confronting before guys was a scary thing for me. I didn't talk or went out with them. Going for movies at cinema hall was a recreation for men in my village. Theaters even now is not a place for women to visit.

I started wearing jeans just five years back. At first, I found it odd. Now I'm absolutely comfortable with that costume.

However during my visit to my hometown, I wear churidars only with shawl 'neatly' pinned. Malls are just for window shopping. I still love to buy things from street-vendors. Visit to theaters have become a hobby for me. Along with pizzas or burgers, I like to eat banana fries, hot dosas from eateries and laddu!

Deep inside, village girl still survives. I must admit parties make me worried as I find myself estranged and outcast. My life and identity revolves around my little green village.