Thursday, March 24, 2011

Five Star: The Sweetest

Finally I’d manage to step into that fully crowded bus. Apart from getting rid of hot sun, sitting under air conditioner, writing so many articles and submitting it in many wonderful social sites; what attracts me in my office is the bonding between colleagues. In fact, I hate to call them my colleagues-they are my very close friends. Oh! I’m about to reach the bus stop named City Stand where I’d to get down. I still wonder how come that place got such a name! On my way to office, I never miss to give a glance to Amrita TV’s bureau. I’d done internship there for fifteen days. From there, I got a group of wonderful media friends who are still in touch with me. Walking all the way, I reached my office. As uncle, our boss’ dad, used to say our company is a small family. There are only five employees- three females and two males. Being the youngest, I’m their pet I guess!

When I entered, as usual, Roshna has come. She is a very talented girl whose boldness I admire very much. She comes to the office first. She is too helpful, friendly and hardworking. She sings well and plays music in a very high volume. So we call her the DJ of our company. In the initial days, I thought she had a little head weight. But now, she is almost like my elder sister whom I can tell anything. Here comes Amith, the guy with whom I always keep fighting. He is very sweet and lovable friend. Whenever we both fight, others ask us to stop quarrelling. But once we stop, they wonder how we became friends. Another interesting thing about me and Amith is that we haven’t talked even a single word in the first week when I joined. He plays guitar and because of his talent, our boss has gifted Amit his own guitar.

“Goooood Mooorning”….Yeah! That is Basabi, our manager. She comes carrying her laptop bag that is too big for her size. With hands full of colorful bangles and trendy earrings, she is an amazing creature. Her life story is almost like Chetan Bhagat’s Two States. She is a Bengali and her husband is a Tamilian. One of my colleagues gave her hubby a name, Rajappan; just to irritate her. But now it has ended up in such a way that she also addresses him so, while talking to us. As soon as she came, she started describing about the scooty she is going to buy. Every day, we hear the same story. Still it is nice to listen to her stories. Amith calls me and Basabi as ‘foodies’ as if he never ate anything. On the spot, he got a nod on his head from manager saab.

Time is 11pm. The final bird of our nest, Nikhil comes with his usual smile. He is a good friend who has a marvelous sense of humor. He is talks very slowly and many times stops in between saying nothing. He also goes to guitar class with Amith in weekends. So when they come to office, this is their main point of discussion. Nikhil’s main hobby is looking down through the window and explaining us what is going outside.

Article writing, chats through skype, lunch and tea breaks, gossips about Rihanna and music make another day colorful. It is hard even to imagine missing anyone of these four buddies. Our bond is becoming stronger day by day. Some relations are hard to build and hardest to break...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Journey From My Motherland

If so called ‘mathrubhumi’ or mother’s land is considered as your land, I belong to Kuthuparamba. The land is notorious in Kerala as a place of political conflicts. But when you really could sense the character of the inhabitants there, you will find the people there as the best in the state. May be that is the reason why I love to visit that place frequently. Even last weekend I was there. On my way back on Monday morning in an almost empty KSRTC bus, I was wondering about the places I’d see flashing behind.

Starting from Kuthuparamb, a land known for revolution, I’d see red flags hanging on each pillar in the streets. Yes! More than any localities, this place is known for the high spirit of communism. Many of the present and past leaders of Marxist party belong to this town. Next stop was Thalassery or Tellichery. The town is famous for three Cs- Cricket, Cake and Circus. There are still famous cricket clubs and circus companies in this town. The yummy cakes of Thalassery had even got the praise of foreigners. Again, this place is also known for something else that is very rare. Here, even today, you could see houses with many numbers of rooms where many Muslim families live under a single roof. When the bus reached the town, I’d see Jayabharati Bakery. I love the laddus of that bakery. Similarly the famous KR Bakes belong to this place. I remember my mother saying she used to have KR Biscuits when she was a kid. Long beach shore and the houses almost touching the waves made me little scared. I’d see fishermen repairing and getting ready with the nets for their journey to sea in search of food….

For my bus, it is nothing unusual as it is a routine view every day. Next stop is Mahe; a chunk that belongs to Pondicherry and hence not a part of Kerala. However the culture is same. Here you can get three types of commodities at a very cheap rate- alcoholic drinks, petrol and hardware products. The reminiscence of French rule is seen in the building styles of houses. And there is a big church in the middle of that town. When the bus paused there, I bowed for a second. It is such a beautiful building with Divine Mother blessing all her natives.

Then comes Vadakara, a land known for kalaripayattu. There are even today, families with years of tradition practicing and teaching this martial art form. Payyoli, next to Vadakara, is famous as the native of Olympian PT Usha. Here is where Usha School of Athletics is situated. Under the guidance of Usha, from this school, many have participated in national and international sports events. And in fact Usha is popularly known as payyoli express.

Moving through a small town Koyilandi, bus reached Kozhikode that is in short pronounced as Calicut. The city is known for a mix of different cultures, hospitality and food. When finally bus stopped in the bus stand, I could see cracks in roads filled with water. I could assume that the city was blessed with a wonderful rain on the previous day. All the dust was washed off and the city looks fresh. I hurried up to my office. For me, here starts another fresh day, another fresh week…

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Simple Salute For My Friend

Out of my sight,
Out of my reach
Bold and beautiful
Far away she lives!

A female who sacrificed her feelings,
A life dedicated to her family...
She smiled hiding her tears,
She laughed instead of sighing!

Bravery is not capturing all you wish,
Sacrificing deserves more!
From a dream world
To the days of reality...

I wish to hear her voice,
I wish to see her
Simply to smile and say,
"You Rock"...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Best Manager Madam

For you, when you meet her, the first impression will be just sympathy. A Brahmin lady who became widow in her young age and struggled hard to raise her five kids…. Nothing more than that! But for me and my family members, grand ma is a symbol of boldness.

Married to my grandfather at the age of thirteen, she was the eldest daughter-in-law of that family. As my grandpa was in love with modern ideas, he and his wife had to bear all the torture and blame for being ‘forward’. For grand pa’s father, his eldest son was almost like an ‘outcast’. He refused to give his properties to my grand pa for the only reason that he studied English and became a physician. And my grand ma’s family was very orthodox. Though she never told me, I guess she had struggled a lot in between modern and orthodox thoughts and life style.

In her mid thirties, she became a widow. From a lady who loved and admired jewels and colorful dresses, she suddenly had to transform to a widow female removing her ornaments and leaving her favorite bright color clothes. Her elder daughter was only 15 when she had to undertake the role of a family guardian. With the help of a few other relatives, she could bring up her five kids. All are now educated, married and well settled. She is now a happy grandmother; perhaps a great grandmother who is blessed to see her grand children’s kids. Arthritis has restricted her movements. She is now in bed most of the time finding it hard to walk without a support.

Don’t think she is just living a hell life in bed now. Still our family revolves around her. Whatever the matter is, the ultimate decision is from her mouth only. In short, she is the ultimate authority who decides what should go on there. I used to wonder about her memory power. As we basically belong to an agricultural family, we have a few acres of farmland. My grand ma has the updates with her on what is going on in these farms. Similarly she has the accounts of all utensils in the house. After each function, she will count and verify the numbers without even jotting it down. She also manages the servants and assign them work each morning. Her commanding power is amazing. No one will dare to shout at her. In her earlier days, she used to tame any animal. Any naughty untamed ones will go silent hearing her commands. She never cares whether it is elephant or a cat. She is also brave enough to go anywhere and try anything risky. She had suffered a lot in her early days. May be that has made her an iron lady.

Last time when I went to meet her, she was in a busy conversation with one of our servants, “On the left side of our courtyard, there are five coconut trees. In that second tree has about 8-10 coconuts. Pluck all and sell four. Give one to our neighbor and get money from him. Rest three, we can use it here.” Oh my God… Even without a glimpse of that coconut tree, she knows the exact figure… What a lady you are granny!! Hats off…

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Like That

You were the first creature,

I’d see in that jungle.

We met,talked and laughed,

As if we know for years.

When I tied Rakhi on your hand,

You called me your sweet sister!

Somehow the distance got wider,

Many times the wavelengths didn’t match.

May be my fault,

Might be your misunderstanding!

We spoke less

We fought more.

Time has changed,

We moved apart!

New friends,

New relations…

One thing remained same,

That is the care.

Else my eyes won’t get wet,

When I heard you got injured…

For me to fight

For you to advice,

Let the care remain till the end.

Be with me as my lovely brother...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ey Auto

Long back, there was a Malayalam movie ‘Ey Auto’. The Mohanlal starrer movie tells the story of a group of auto drivers who are very sincere and committed to themselves and people around them. For those who believe it is just a fictional story, let me tell you, it is not! The script for this film is inspired from the auto drivers of Kozhikode. You won’t find such a helpful wing of auto drivers anywhere in Kerala. Even if local media attacks auto drivers in cities for charging very high, Calicut is always exempted. When all autos in other cities of Kerala don’t have meters, in Calicut, you won’t find a single one. Again, auto drivers are very polite and helpful here. The auto drivers of Calicut take you through all the possible cut-ways to reach the destination unlike other drives who try to get maximum fare when they know you are an alien to that city. In a few instances, I too understood how helpful these drivers of Calicut are! No wonder why the heroine Meenukutty fell in love with Sudhi, the autodriver….

Friday, March 4, 2011

Survival of the Happiest

All the way back from office,

What I could see are crows…

All settled on big trees

Crewing aloud.

It is annoying for everyone

But not for me…

I see them as survivors

Of the city life.

When other birds escape,

They breathe happily…

Eating and sharing

Anything and everything.

They survive

Chatting all aloud.

Caring no one,

Listening no one.

Down the trees in dawn

Vehicles sleep quietly.