Thursday, March 10, 2011

Just Like That

You were the first creature,

I’d see in that jungle.

We met,talked and laughed,

As if we know for years.

When I tied Rakhi on your hand,

You called me your sweet sister!

Somehow the distance got wider,

Many times the wavelengths didn’t match.

May be my fault,

Might be your misunderstanding!

We spoke less

We fought more.

Time has changed,

We moved apart!

New friends,

New relations…

One thing remained same,

That is the care.

Else my eyes won’t get wet,

When I heard you got injured…

For me to fight

For you to advice,

Let the care remain till the end.

Be with me as my lovely brother...


  1. i felt every word of it... some ppl jus lucky to hav such relation while others can only imagine abt it but not get it.. great going :)