Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Ey Auto

Long back, there was a Malayalam movie ‘Ey Auto’. The Mohanlal starrer movie tells the story of a group of auto drivers who are very sincere and committed to themselves and people around them. For those who believe it is just a fictional story, let me tell you, it is not! The script for this film is inspired from the auto drivers of Kozhikode. You won’t find such a helpful wing of auto drivers anywhere in Kerala. Even if local media attacks auto drivers in cities for charging very high, Calicut is always exempted. When all autos in other cities of Kerala don’t have meters, in Calicut, you won’t find a single one. Again, auto drivers are very polite and helpful here. The auto drivers of Calicut take you through all the possible cut-ways to reach the destination unlike other drives who try to get maximum fare when they know you are an alien to that city. In a few instances, I too understood how helpful these drivers of Calicut are! No wonder why the heroine Meenukutty fell in love with Sudhi, the autodriver….

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