Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Simple Salute For My Friend

Out of my sight,
Out of my reach
Bold and beautiful
Far away she lives!

A female who sacrificed her feelings,
A life dedicated to her family...
She smiled hiding her tears,
She laughed instead of sighing!

Bravery is not capturing all you wish,
Sacrificing deserves more!
From a dream world
To the days of reality...

I wish to hear her voice,
I wish to see her
Simply to smile and say,
"You Rock"...


  1. goood one rooops :) i miss her too!!

  2. Wil someone tell me who is this 'she'?!?!???

  3. @lax: well...it was just a show off from vidz
    Hope the heroine of this poem will read and leave a comment soon

  4. @ roopa....She wont... because she enjoys ths new life .....

  5. hmmm.....she has no other go too