Monday, April 29, 2013

How Does Modern Healthcare Touch Lives?

“There was a doctor who treated patients for 50 ps in your village. Do you know him? Is he your relative?” An old man who came for consultation asked my dad. “Well, he is my father!” my dad replied with a smile. Although I’ve not seen my grandfather, I have heard a lot about him. He died at the age of 45 when his eldest daughter was just 15 years.

My grandfather Mr Neelakantan was born in an orthodox Brahmin family. He did not even get a chance to do schooling. But he had a great determination and dedication towards society. In those days, Brahmins were allowed to gain knowledge of only Sanskrit and Vedic texts. He learned all subjects from his home in spite of the objection from family. Finally he became a medical practitioner. The medicines that he gave to his patients came from abroad. I don’t think our generation can even imagine such a patience and willpower. Later my dad became a physician after completing graduation in medical science. Today he has over 30 years of experience treating various kinds of ailments. 

Born in a doctor’s family, I was not able to spend my school vacations in hill stations or other tourist centers. When my friends tell me of the wonderful places they have seen, I used to feel sad during my childhood days. But today I am in a state to understand the pressure and commitment of a doctor’s job. Even if I picked a different profession, I always admire doctors and modern medicines. They are simply giving their life and days to serve others.

Again as a doctor’s daughter, I knew how to take care of health. Until a particular age, I haven’t tasted ice cream. Similarly we rarely buy bakery items at home. At times I have felt bad that I am not able to dance in the rain because of my health consciousness. Yet everything is fine and well for me till now. I am always proud to say the tradition of medical service will continue in my family through my brother. My sibling is a medical student. He will complete his course within 2 years. Though I am not into medical field, I am sure that I might also get blessings for supporting my dad and brother in their noble cause.

At this time, I could hear our phone ringing. When I picked it, a lady at the other end asked, “I called to ask if doctor will be there at home now. My baby is sick and so we need to meet him soon”. I replied, “Yeah sure! Please come”. It is time for me to clean my dad’s consultation room and welcome a fellow mother and her baby. 

(This post is written for Indiblogger's "How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?" competition in association with Apollo Hospitals

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Another Human

God made me
Just like you all!
I am a human
Just another lady.

I'm not perfect
I've faults too!
Everyone is same
None is superior.

For my each step
I thank dear ones.
If they didn't care
I would be nothing.

When I see needy
I'd lend a hand.
They don't recollect
But I know histories!

You can sleep well
Without any worries!
Yesterdays are safe
Within my thoughts.

When you wake up,
And avoid a helpless,
Remember in mind
You had a dull past!

Never forget past
Nor hands helped!
You're a toddler
Long back once.

Friday, April 5, 2013

From Yours Radha

­Dear Krishna
I know writing a letter to you is simply a waste as you are busy with your deeds and dear ones. I would be happy if you’d recognize my name once you see this. Hope you are good, healthy and happy. Please don’t ask me ‘how are you’ because you know the answer very well. 

People quote ours as the best love story they have ever heard. I have never said a word against you even today since I always like to hear them spelling your name along with me. I get excited when they say I make the best pair with you. Krishna is a great man for them and let them praise you with no regrets.

Have you ever thought of me hardly ever? If you ask me the same, I’d say “every moment”! Many times I’d this worry of you leaving me. During our golden days, you consoled me with your sweet words. You said you will be with me till the end. At the time you left me saying you have duties to do, I thought you would come back. But when our village folks told me that you have chosen a lady to marry, I was really shocked.

Still I was so thrilled to hear the news of your arrival here. I decorated myself with garlands and ornaments. I waited for you in our usual meeting point in the forest. You came to me and with your enchanting voice, you told I look pretty. After many days, my face turned pink. Then you started narrating all the great things you have done in the recent past. I did not listen anything! I was busy looking at your face, which I had missed for many days. 

Charm on your face can attract anyone. I hated other ladies staring or caressing your face. You enjoyed my possessiveness. You gifted me a flute and walked away saying “you are my most dear one”! Although it is a big compliment, I never expected that you will dump me. If ever you give a hint, I would have stayed away from you. Now tell me, how to through you away from my thoughts?

I am all alone here. I wander in our nearby forests with your memories and flute. I have to be careful not to let anyone feel I am insane. When they spot out, I’ll be chained inside my room. If they do so, I will not be able to walk through the ways we have walked holding our hands! 

You are a prominent figure and so I do not want to make you feel guilty. Whenever you wish to see me, I’ll be here. Again, it is my stupidity to think you will be back! At times, you visit me in my dreams making a day very pleasant. If we live today, we would be at least Facebook friends.

Oh God! You might be irritated with my mad words. All I wanted to say is that I miss our wonderful moments where there were just you and me. When it comes to love, I am a human being not a goddess!

From Yours (Yeah! You read it right)