Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where Is Soni M Bhattathiripad?

Soni M Bhattathiripad... How should I write about him; as a journalist or a family member!!! Well, thanks to Amrita TV and its program Kathayallithu Jeevitham for reminding everyone that such a person is still missing.
Born in a Brahmin family little Soni was always interested in writing stories and articles. Seeing this, his parents Padmanabhan Bhattathiripad and Suvarnini Antharjanam decided to let their son to choose a career according to his wish. He began his career as journalist in Malayala Manorama newspaper. As the bureau chief of Kazargod, he was one of the first to bring out the sufferings of Endosulfan victims. When Manorama launched a news channel, Soni joined as news reader in that, bringing all the latest updates from around the world. He was a well known figure among the television viewers of Kerala. Later, he joined Indiavision. There also, his popularity remained the same.
As the reporter of Indiavision, he was assigned to report Goa Film Festival in 2008. On his way back from Goa, Soni M Bhattathiripad went missing. He was travelling by train along with his father-in-law and disappeared in Kazargod. According to Soni's father-in-law, he said he wanted to go to toilet and went away. The old man searched the entire train and could not find him. From 8th December 2008, he is missing and it still continues as a mystery.
Soni had the habit of taking a break without letting others know. So his family thought he will come back after a few days. But he did not... His wife Dr. Seema filed a complaint in police station. The police did not act properly though they haven't closed the file. Soni's wife, his two children, parents and brother Rao are trying their best to find him. His mother waits every night with a plate of dinner for her son. His children believe their dad had gone for a reporting in Russia.
Media is a field where personal bondings are very low. When one person leaves the scene, there is always another to replace as the show must always go on without breaks. The channels have almost forgotten this journalist as it has hundred Sonis to replace him. The loss is only for his family and his dear ones.
For me, he belongs to my mother's family. In our country, he can be called as my mom's brother; and according to West, he is her cousin. As the family is so big with so many branches, I've not met many of the family members. Soni Bhattathiripad is also such a name though I know his parents. The only familiarity for me is that he resembles my mom's younger brother. Also when the program was over, I could see tears rolling down from my mom’s eyes. So, like other family members, I too pray for his come back.

Sshhh...Its Ladies Talk

There are many things in the world that are considered as taboos to speak. Though most of them are now topics of discussions, menstruation is still a 'girl's talk' topic. Even the females who represent themselves as highly modern feel embarrassed to discuss this matter in front of their opposite gender.

According to Oxford dictionary, the word menstruate means "to lose blood once a month from the part of the body where a baby would develop (that is the womb)". Also called periods informally, this is such an activity, which is later responsible for giving birth to a baby. A girl is considered to be grown up once she has menstruation every month.

Even if, the world has developed so much, periods and sanitary napkins are subjects that are not exposed as serious topics of discussion. Just like the name of anti-hero of Harry Potter that should not be spelt and is addressed as 'You-Know-Who', females have to find alternate names for this process.

A lady during her monthly menstruation is considered as impure by many communities and is forbidden to enter places of worship. There are many sections that make her to sit inside a room for three days restricting all her freedoms. These cruel imprisonments happen even now.

Actually, is a lady with her monthly periods, an impure one? Long back,it was a rule created in favor of ladies to allow them to take rest for three days. But now these are burdens and are high time to throw of these old rules for woman to get empowered in all areas.

For the ladies to move up, they are the ones who should get rid of all these shyness. It is a biological process and so it has to be seen just like other activities of human body. After all, woman is never weak because she can bleed for a week in every month and still remain healthy!!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Glittery Of Gold

“Bandangal swarnam poleyanu…Ethrayadhikamundo athrayum santhosham” (Relations and gold are alike. The more you have, the happier you are) – The famous South Indian star Vijay says in the advertisement of a well known jeweler of Kerala. For Akshayathrithiya, 1000 kilo gold was bought by Keralites. It is believed that on this ‘auspicious occasion’ when you buy gold, you will be blessed with all the prosperities of life. All the jewel shops have come up with special collections and offers to boost up their business for this occasion. The ads of this time stresses on the importance of Akshayathrithiya and the necessity of buying gold.

Even an average middle class Keralite thinks his/her daughter should wear at least 100 soverign gold on her marriage day. Females who don’t wear gold are forced to wear it at least in the form of thali or mangalyasutra. This chain is worn by most of the ladies as they are made to believe it is on that chain the welfare of their entire family depends on. As ladies fail to get rid of the emotional approach, they start wearing ornaments of gold.

The picture shown above is a bride in Thrissur. She is wearing 1500 soverign. The matter of gold may not be a concern for rich ones. For the families with less income, the yellow metal is a scary thing to think off. Gold is not a metal that can always bring smile on every one’s face as you see in ads. The yellow metal also has a devil face. The sufferings of parents for buying some gold for their daughter, the tears of the females who are tortured in their husband’s house in the name of the quantity of gold they own… Stories go on like that. Still no one is ready to come forward against this social evil. Not many large hearted men exist in Kerala who can accept a lady without gold.

Revolutions are taking place everywhere; but not in the case of gold. And as there are no movements to make people aware, we still believe “pennayal ponnu venam” (if you are a lady, you must wear gold) !

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Habitat

After a long walk,

I found a shelter!

A habitat for me to live

A house for me to survive...

Warm and cozy,

Lovely and lively...

Days are wonderful,

Nights are dreamy...

I feel comfort inside,

I'd sense safety...

Walls guards me from sun,

Roof protects me from rain!

I went to get temporary relief,

It gave me permanent cure...

I call it my own home,

It never called me its homemaker!

I know its not mine,

I've to walk out one day!

Still I'd stay nowhere else,

Until it pushes me out!!!