Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Habitat

After a long walk,

I found a shelter!

A habitat for me to live

A house for me to survive...

Warm and cozy,

Lovely and lively...

Days are wonderful,

Nights are dreamy...

I feel comfort inside,

I'd sense safety...

Walls guards me from sun,

Roof protects me from rain!

I went to get temporary relief,

It gave me permanent cure...

I call it my own home,

It never called me its homemaker!

I know its not mine,

I've to walk out one day!

Still I'd stay nowhere else,

Until it pushes me out!!!


  1. ithippo aalkkarku ee penkochu enthezhuthiyalum nallathu parayanam ennathu poleya karyangal pokunne. ivarkokke enthum aakamallo.enikonne parayan ullu...naadan mathi unakkan itta pole oru kavitha