Sunday, January 8, 2012

My New Year Gift

(My first post for the year 2012… You may say it is stupid to post one like this when whole Kerala is talking about a missing journalist for which my blog is also a matter of attention. Anyway, this post is not related to that person.)

For me, 2012 began with a smile. In fact, some simple things can give you more happiness than big parties. Thanks to Indiblogger for its wonderful New Year gift. My junior aka my blogger friend PeeVee told me about the Indiblogger Dove gift hamper when I joined that site. Again, it is from her blog only, I saw the colorful badge of Indiblogger first.

I and my cousin brother ordered together. He ordered for her sister. I and his sister Alaka are known as ‘twins’ in our family. Surprisingly, both of us received the gift on the same day, which was two days before New Year. Love you Indi for making my New Year very very special!!!

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