Friday, January 27, 2012

Rain For A Life

While it rains,

I feel it is better to be dry.

When it is dry,

I want it to rain!

Stormy or calm

Violence or silence

Every rain is painful,

Every rain supports birth!

I love the pain,

As I need a life!

I want a birth

From the seed!

Cloudy up in the sky,

Sweating before rain,

I beg for a shower,

I wait for raindrops!

Born out of a struggle,

Laughing at the pain,

No matter what happens,

It should rain heavily!


  1. Scintillating lines, Just like you rain holds a dear place in my heart.

  2. Can you believe it? I too wrote something similar...
    What say???

    1. I saw it.But mine is a different theme.Hope you got it :)

  3. very nicely written gives a diffrent meaning to rain a deeper one:)

  4. So so gorgeously rain-felt poem! :) Love it!

    I loved your blog title. Hence came here right away!! :)