Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Being Mallu On Twitter

From Facebook, when I moved to Twitter, I found nothing much interesting. But yesterday was an interesting day for me as well as all Malayali tweeple. In fact, it continues today too. From Monday afternoon, Keralites launched something trendy, which is tweeting with #Being Mallu.

Most of the leading newspapers have reported about this trend. “The trending (most tweeted about, in Twitter-speak) was made possible for the first time by Madhu Menon (madmanweb), a chef, restaurant consultant, and food photographer, who lives in Bangalore, with the help of a few friends.” – Reports The Hindu. The tweets gave a clear idea about the lifestyle of Malayalis.

Here are a few interesting tweets with #BeingMallu:

  • #BeingMallu is when you can correctly spell Thiruvananthapuram, correctly name Kochi and correctly say Kozhikode.
  • #BeingMallu means having a silly short first name but a lengthy unpronounceable (by others) last name.
  • #BeingMallu is having a palatial house in Kerala with no one living in it.
  • #BeingMallu when you meet someone who says they are from Kerala, but you are unsure if they speak Malayalam.
  • #BeingMallu is when Sharjah Shake is ypur official and favorite (non-alcohol) drink.
  • #BeingMallu means getting tired of being asked about fish, coconut, gold and the Gelf over and over again.
  • Gold ads dominate TV ad space, serial space, family space, mind space and finally lands many marriages in 'di-verse' #BeingMallu
  • #BeingMallu - Falling seriously in love with and imagining a family life with almost every (especially Mallu) girl he meets.
  • Having a drink and worrying about the situation in Uganda, Cuba and Poland. #BeingMallu
  • Open a new factory in Kerala and get a red flag for free the next day... #BeingMallu
  • #BeingMallu Idea Star Singer all year long.
  • #BeingMallu means Gulf will always be Gelf
  • #BeingMallu i cant avoid my pink lungi
  • Long Q's at the beverage corporation outlets #BeingMallu
  • #BeingMallu Is attending Thomas Sir/Brilliant coaching classes for entrance coaching.
  • When Misbah casually scooped the ball in 2007 World Cup little did he know there is always a Mallu in every corner of the world #BeingMallu
And I too joined the party with a few tweets:
  • #BeingMallu means those who can pronounce 'zha' correctly
  • #Beingmallu: 100% literacy, 0% common sense
  • #BeingMallu: Should have watched the movie #Manichithrathazhu at least 50 times