Sunday, January 15, 2012

Behind The Camera

When you switch on TV to watch news sitting on your couch, have you ever thought about the life of a journalist who talks so confidently before the camera. The scene of journalist’s life behind the camera is not as colorful as you think.

“I’m suffering from heavy backache. I need to go for an Ayurvedic treatment. But that course needs a few days of rest for which I won’t get leave.” Says a reporter of a leading channel. The world of media is so mechanical. If a person leaves the platform, there are hundreds of journalists to replace. If the channel or newspaper finds that a person is not capable to give more than 100% of his/her effort, they are forced to leave the scene.

“Now I attend double shifts a day to take leaves together at the end and go home”- sighs an editor of a news channel. Family and friends have to adjust a lot for a journalist. Again, majority of the media persons especially of local media work only out of their passion. “Most of the Malayalam channels offer only less than Rs. 10,000 for a fresher” explains a Malayalam reporter who has been in the field for past 2 years.

Still, what is the element that makes the industry of media so striking? It is the joy of getting a work delivered and presented before millions of people. The satisfaction of being appreciated and recognized around the world is immense. This contentment is the only factor that holds the media fraternity including cook, security staff to Managing Director, to work as one and present their product before you.


  1. well said :)
    Joy of getting a work delivered before a major group..
    But question is can we have a joy by making a person a scapegoat for hype ?
    Media of today is certainly going on bad path !

  2. Thanks Deepak.Even in a restaurant, the ultimate aim is to make the customers happy.Media is a business and to a great extent, it has to make its audience happy by writing or telecasting what they want!

  3. This other side of media is really disturbing. However I would like to add that today's journalists, because of this double shift or overwork, do not research much which affects the quality of journalism.

  4. Today the world needs news quickly.So the media simply give breaking news without doing a cross check.Well said Hariharan Valady

  5. well said chechi...
    "majority of the media persons especially of local media work only out of their passion. "
    u r r8 chechi...

  6. Yes...It is the passion that drives!