Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Recent Facebook Quotes

  1. The best as well as worst quality of any girl is her ability to act like best friend with a person whom she actually hates the most!
  2. Unconditional love in Facebook is when you give likes or comments to people even if you know they won’t do it back!
  3. Anyone can be a good guest... But being a fine host is an art !!
  4. In summer, the most divine music you’d listen is that of rain. Thank God, raindrops are creating a wonderful melody around now!
  5. Majority of yesterdays close relationships are just found only in Facebook friends list today!!!
  6. In any kind of relationships, it is a special moment when you realize the other person understands and cares you the same way you do..!!!
  7. Everyone can be a traveler… For being a guide, you must know how tough the ride is!
  8. Gambling with words to cover the real emotions by a flavor of fake smile!
  9. Even if a king has huge count of countrymen obeying him, he will never have friends who consider him as equal…!
  10. The person who brings cooking gas cylinder is the most warmly welcomed guest in any Indian house today!!!