Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My Favorite Bloggers of 2012

Blogging is a wonderful experience. So many people have asked me how I manage time to write, promote and speak about my blogs in spite of having bundles of articles to write (for my clients). My answer is very simple; it is just the passion to express! In addition to my writings, I do follow (in the exact sense, not just a namesake follower) a few blogs that inspire me to scribble more. Picking up ten blogs from the reading list is a tough task. Though the list is incomplete, here are my ten favorite bloggers of 2012.

  • Subhorup Dasgupta: He is a well experienced humble blogger and a best advisor. Mostly, when I have some doubts regarding blogs, I find him ready to help. His blog deals with variety of topics.
  • Saru Singal: Just like her appearance, her blog is also cute. Although she writes all kinds of topics, I admire her poems more.
  • Abhilash Ruhela: The best thing I like about this person is that he always updates his blog. His criticism posts are sometimes funny otherwise intellectual.
  • Ashwini CN: I could see some sort of similarities between mine and her blog posts. She writes simple things in a simple language.
  • Pranita: It was her name that initially attracted me to her blog. I had a junior with the same name in my college. This blogger wrote different subjects in the early days and later confined to haiku poems. Now I can see her writing reviews and other types of articles too.
  • Anjali Kumar: If I’d get a chance to meet any one of the unseen blogger friends, I’d choose this girl’s name. She is a regular visitor and commenter of my blog. She writes about her thoughts in a very light way which I always enjoy.
  • Meenakshi: She is my college mate and best friend. Her poems are awesome. But I hate her for not caring her blog properly. Also she is a person who encourages this village girl to write more without any distortion.
  • Deepak Karthik: What to say about this guy, an all rounder! Whichever bloggers’ networking sites I join, I’d see his name. He is one of the writers who encourage new bloggers the most.
  • Joshi Daniel: An amazing “shooter” whose posts I never miss! Although you may not find many comments of mine in his blogs, I do follow it sincerely.
  • Leo: He writes beautiful poems in an effortless language. I like the way he describe moments and things.

Here I conclude my posts for the year 2012. Wishing all my readers a very Happy New Year and also a big thanks to my blogger friends for supporting me throughout the year!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

It Was A Puppet Show

In the green valley
Under bright sun,
A stage was set
Just for me!

Every time I asked:
Am I playing a drama?
The master whispered:
No, this is real life!

Neither I saw the viewers
Nor the hands that helped
I was busy playing
For the master!

Sweet moments,
Lovely praises,
My life was great
In master’s hands!

I realized I’m a substitute
Till the original’s arrival!
The show is still on,
With a polished doll.

It was a mere drama,
Not a slice of life.
I played my part
And my name is puppet.

With broken strings,
Without emotions,
I lay in the bin
Waiting for the next play!

Monday, December 3, 2012

20 Years of SMS

Have you ever wondered how lovely those tiny messages that visit your mobile’s inbox daily are? How many of you have worried when your dear ones skip or forgot to SMS you? Life won’t be the same if Matti Makkonen hadn’t introduced tiny characters twenty years back. Yeah! SMS is celebrating its 20th birthday today. From simple ‘hi’ to serious political discussions, SMS has grown as major power of communication among majority of the population in this world. The sharpness and strength of these 160 characters have even scared politicians. The fear of the power has let the authorities to ban group texting when some issues arise in an area.

Oh God! I speak like a criticizer, very formal words. Since this is a personal blog and I’ve scribbled a few posts about messages, regular readers of my blog could easy identify my craziness to text. Yet I should admit that these days my habit of messaging has reduced drastically. I was really surprised when I saw a feature in an English daily saying that the trend of SMSing has declined so much. It is not that I follow the world trends blindly. Still I wonder how I could stop texting without any regrets. Blame it on social networks and online life (blogging too)!

While rewinding, you could meet a village girl who never kept her phone down. She will be always busy texting her friends and relatives. She had most of the numbers of her schoolmates, college friends, colleagues and relatives. If someone is there in her contact list, they cannot escape from her texts. In the initial days of messaging, just 200 SMS was more than enough for a month. Slowly, it became 100 per day and later unlimited. Apart from usual forwarded messages and other SMS, she also typed small poems in the cell phone. Most of the poems in this blog were first framed as texts. Gradually she stopped sending messages. None bothered to ask her what happened! If anybody asks her, she does not have an answer. Sometimes, the answer will be just single word- boredom! Is it that the exact answer? Well, it may be so…

There was a golden time of messaging for me. Every SMS was read with so much of affection and replied punctually. I don’t know whether I can do the same in future. At present, I am not interested to text. But I am always thankful to those little SMS which made me smile, cry and shout. If there was no texting, I wouldn’t have so many nostalgic moments to think of! So here is a birthday wish coming straight from the heart of an SMS fan. Many Many Happy Returns of the Day! May you live long happily and cheerfully!

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Friday, November 30, 2012

Stop Me If You Can...


As you know, I have written more than hundreds of posts in which some are words of dedication to my dear ones. I am happy that your blog has become rich with the posts that you had taken from Village Girl’s blog. I could see posts and pictures of my relatives and friends in your blog.

I should admit that even if you are not an expert in English, you are so clever to set the dates of the copied posts prior to the day I actually published it. However, please mind the fact that there are many other methods to know the real date on which you have published them. In fact, I simply hate to mention what you did as ‘publish posts’.

It was a few days back I searched in Google about my grandpa’s day of demise in order to pay a tribute to him in my blog. I was confused whether the date is 27 or 28th of November. He was my guide and greatest supporter. I am sure it was his blessings that made me to check Google about him and to find out about this copying. During the browsing, I could see my words with another URL and finally I reached your blog. 

Initially I thought it was just one post that you have copied. When one of my blogger friends pointed out, I could see that you have brutally duplicated majority of my posts. I was really shocked and depressed for the whole day. Slowly I realized it is not the end of the world. I still have a long way to go which you won’t ever follow.

My gain in this deal is a few self-realizations:
  • I’ve a lot of well wishers to support and encourage me
  • My posts are worth sharing and it is not an absolute nonsense

Your loss by this plagiarism:
  • Demolition of your identity as a writer
  • Chance of fame in the blogosphere

A blogger builds his/her blog with utmost care and affection. They value each post, comment, followers and page views. It is almost similar to a mom nurturing her child. Whether it is one or thousands of posts in her/his blog, each one are special. If you take away a blog post without permission, it is like kidnapping a baby from parents. 

I don’t know your gender, nativity or mother tongue. You might come up with an argument that I copied yours though the readers know the truth. My one lakh page views and 200+ followers (still counting) will speak for me. I am always thankful to the visitors and friends of village girl.

I’d have respected you if you write yourself with dedication. Blog readers never mind much about the grammatical and language skills. All they need is originality especially when it is a personal blog. You will not understand the pain unless you create a post of your own. 

A blogger friend has even helped me to lock my posts from copying. I don’t know how to thank him for that. I am so sorry to say that you will not be able to update your blogs with posts about my family, friends, nostalgic places and stupid poems.

I might not be the best name in blogosphere. Still I’ll keep writing unless my brain or hands get damaged because it is the best way I know to express my thoughts and dreams. Now here is a challenge! Stop me if you can….

Village Girl

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tribute To Grandpa

A busy lawyer
A lovely father
A caring grandpa
An amazing writer!

I learned to walk
Holding your fingers!
I started to write
With your blessings!

You made me realize
The power of words!
You helped me to dream
The world of verse!

For every question,
You had an answer.
For each step,
I had your support!

Quietly and calmly
You left the world,
With many doubts
Still unanswered…!

(My grandfather MCV Bhattathiripad died exactly five years back. He was my guide and inspiration. My words have become powerless while writing about him as he was the one who corrected me when I started to write in my childhood days. Even today, I miss his care and love. Hope he reads this tribute and blesses me from the heaven.)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A Revisit

 Image courtesy: Facebook

“Oh! She looks familiar…” I could see workers of green colored city buses of Kozhikode whispering to each other. I visited Kozhikode after many months and hence their smiles made me happy. The feeling that you are not at all a stranger in a place where you had lived for more than one year is really special. I am really thankful to the city for refining me. I’ve always felt that if I did not go to Kozhikode, I’ll be a silent girl even now. I’d never imagined in my whole life that I’d become a chatterbox like this. Anyway, yesterday I visited Kozhikode, a city with an essence of village. Here are a few typical scenes from Kozhikode:

  • Green buses are in a rush as usual
  • Railway station and bus stand are crowded with travelers
  • Enjoying a bright day, Mananchira Lake stays quiet and still
  • With huge wooden blocks floating, Kallai River reminds of its golden era as a timber hub
  • Parking spaces of hospitals are full with luxury cars
  • Auto drivers still maintain their trademark of friendliness
  • Street vendors busy with their business
  • Shelves of hotels are filled with fried snacks
  • Flower shows and cloth exhibitions in full swing
  • Huge banners of cultural meetings and party processions are found all over the city

      Whether it is long or short, journeys always tempt me to write. I might not scribble about tours and picnics I had. Instead some trips that draw memories will be posted here. Kozhikode is a city that made me dream, cry and live. Though it is just a 2 hour trip from my home, a travel to this place definitely cheers up my senses!    

Monday, November 12, 2012

Every Wish To Dream

Fantasy Comments Pictures

Dreams at night,
A version of wishes!
Colorful or painful,
Ambitious always.

Unforgettable scenes,
Predicted future,
A state of confusion,
Yet dreams smile!

Unconscious mind
Takes its diversions,
All fresh pictures
Still I know the end!

Past has vanished,
I breathe at present!
Future is waiting
With lots of hopes!

At times I like to flow
In illuminations!
But I’ve to wake up
As this is just a dream!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Journey To Live

Brightness To Dark
Dusk To Twilight
Like Life’s Chapters
Bus Moves So Fast…

Breaks In Between
Turns And Slopes,
A Point To Next
Run The Tires!

With Their Own Time
Every Traveler Is Busy.
Road Is Still Long,
An Unending Tale!

Soothing Breeze
Lovely Moonlight
Melody Of Drizzles
Life Is Awesome!

An Endless Journey,
My Favorite Dream!
But Now I’ve To Exit
With No Regrets!

(The post was in draft for many months. Today I felt I should publish this as a token of love to all my 200+ supporters of blog. You people forced me to admire and nurture the blog. Now this blog has become an inseparable part of my life. Thanks to all my readers and well wishers especially Indiblogger, Malabaris and Malayalam Bloggers.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just A Call For Mom

Last weekend, I had a chance to meet Soni M Bhattathiripad’s mother. Many times I could not give any reply to her questions. I was ashamed of myself being so silent instead of consoling a mother who had missed her son a few years back. It was in a family function when my aunty introduced me to Soni’s mother, Suvarnini. Though we are relatives, I had no opportunity to speak to her. 

Away from the crowd, we found a place to talk. She started telling about her son who was a famous Malayalam journalist and a television anchor. Even though I haven’t talked to her before, I thought she was a strong woman. But like any mother, she was highly disturbed with her son’s missing. I realized that woman becomes weak when her kids are affected. After Soni’s missing, the health of Suvarnini has worsened. She now has diabetes, variation in blood pressure and also heart ailments. 

To get rid of the worries, physicians have asked her to watch TV and relax. However, when she watch news channels, memories of her son keep haunting her. Her only relief is the social activities that she does for her villagers. She is a member of local governing body at her town. Her voice trembled several times when she mentioned her son’s name. Yet she did not weep much. Because of continuous crying for some years, her tears have dried up. 

Suvarnini said the rumor that her son is a drug addict is absolutely wrong. “If he was so, why did the channel send him to report such a big event? He was leading the team of Indiavision to cover Goa International Film Festival.” -she says. Well, rumors are the easiest thing to spread. Police and media are searching for this young journalist for past many years. Yet the question of “Where is Soni M Bhattathiripad” remains unanswered! “I will not insist him to stay back home if he is happy with the place where he is now. All I need is a call from him just to confirm he is fine.” –she told me before leaving. 

I have not seen Soni directly before. Still I believe he can never leave the world of words. If he is reading this, please contact your mom! She is not asking for your comeback. She simply wants to hear your sound. Again, if he comes back there is still a world of media opened for him. The media itself has an addictive power from which journalists cannot hide. He can either get back to news world or live with his village folk. 

Suvarnini has requested me to help her with all possible ways. Writing is the best and only way I know to tell the world about an amazing journalist. Hope there will be some positive reply from readers on this post. Each of the remark will be a hope to that mom. Please do type a comment if you have any clue! Even your prayers will be a relief for her. Let us support her with our words to remain strong and healthy!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How To Be A Good Content Writer?

When I took a post graduation in Mass Communication, like any media student I thought I will be placed in either Times Of India or CNN-IBN (though there is still a chance). But the fate took me to another job which is content writing. Before entering this field, I had no knowledge about this profession. Today with an experience of almost two years, I know what the clients or boss want me to scribble. If you call this boasting, I must say you are mistaken. From lively hours at office to the role of freelance content writer, I have learned the various styles to convey ideas online. 

To be a good content writer, there are a very few simple techniques. I am not trying to give a tutorial that you could download and by heart. These are just a few informal tricks which I came to know by writing numerous articles for unknown clients.

  • Worship Google:
    Never think that I received credits for praising the search engine. Even while you have many other search engines, Google is the first name that comes to your mind always.
  • Trust WORD:
    More than any tool, Microsoft Word will help you to write better. I’d say that my vocabulary increased just because of using Word.
  • Letter Idea:
    First have a good idea of what you are going to present. Then writing is an easy task.
  • No Time Wastage For Research:
    You must analyze the matters before framing an article. However time is an important fact in this field. Take only 2-3 websites as your information source.
  • No Plagiarism:
    Taking information from other websites does not mean that you can directly copy-paste from it. There are a lot of technologies to check whether you have copied. Once you are caught, it means your client will not trust you again. As a safer side, letter the ideas in your own words.
  • Be Precise And Simple:
    The reading span of online readers is really low. If they cannot understand what your product offers, they have millions of other articles about countless products on internet. If you write in simple words, it can help readers to know well about your product.
  • Key Word:
    The keyword is the chief element in any writing. So make sure you use the exact keyword in your article.
  • Stick to Word Limit:
    Write according to the word limit asked by your client. Never exceed or cut the count of words. Yet a few words more or less are permissible.
  • Painless Life:
    Even if you are sick or depressed, never let your emotions enter into your article. Every time write how beautiful is the world when you use your client’s product.
All the above points are simply written from my experience. Most of all these, the passion for writing or work and the help from your friends can truly make you an expert content writer. I must say that I am thankful to my colleagues of previous office especially Basabi Chatterjee, Ayesha Banu, Roshna Balan, Nikhil and my former boss RK for their sincere efforts in guiding me!