Sunday, December 9, 2012

It Was A Puppet Show

In the green valley
Under bright sun,
A stage was set
Just for me!

Every time I asked:
Am I playing a drama?
The master whispered:
No, this is real life!

Neither I saw the viewers
Nor the hands that helped
I was busy playing
For the master!

Sweet moments,
Lovely praises,
My life was great
In master’s hands!

I realized I’m a substitute
Till the original’s arrival!
The show is still on,
With a polished doll.

It was a mere drama,
Not a slice of life.
I played my part
And my name is puppet.

With broken strings,
Without emotions,
I lay in the bin
Waiting for the next play!


  1. one day u would be the master of ur own destiny.. and ur a puppet only till u realize ur strings are not in ur own hand.. u can't be substituted!!

  2. I liked the idea and the emotions you so beautifully expressed in such simple yet profound words! Makes me think we all are puppet in hands of destiny, but are we optimistic enough like that puppet who was waiting for another play?

    1. I do not know whether we are optimistic. Still we will be forced to play for another master. Thanks for the comment Dreamy Gal :)

  3. Wow. A beautiful idea, expressed even more beautifully. Good job!

  4. woww another nice one... pain, beauty all are mixed here luvd it dear

  5. Maybe God has the strings.. but He mostly uses them to pull us back when we are about to make a wrong step. The right steps must be taken by us :) We are His puppets, but we don't walk to strings all the time I feel.

  6. it's an unsettling realization, maybe, but i think ultimately, we all play for the master. we just don't always realize it.

  7. Nice.
    I liked the background picture that so suits with the title 'puppet show'..may be for a different story.