Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smiling For A Reason

Sky was dark,

Sun hidden behind…

Nothing was seen,

Not even a ray of hope!

With shivering hands,

I prayed to Lord!

I need the light,

To guide my way…

Fragrance of soil,

Melody of life!

Raining for a reason,

Washing away my worries!

Each cloud gives a hope,

Each rain gives a smile…

Rain will not stay for long,

Let smile remain forever!


  1. This one has a different feel... good...

  2. @meenz and nishedathi-Thanks
    @shahan...Yes,I was all alone :)

  3. "Fragrance of soil" - what a lovely line!

    I can easily connect with it - I've enjoyed the rains in Kerala so much.

  4. Yeah...the rain in Kerala is always special! Thanks matheikal