Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

(photo courtesy: Shahan, Jabir)

First of all, I don’t know what to write and how will it end up! Anyway, it is necessary to write something about 2011. Don’t worry, I’m not writing the usual Obama, Osama, Anna, Gaddafi, Aiswarya’s delivery issues. But certainly Viru’s 200 and India’s world cup victory means a lot to me. Similarly the drama going on about Mullaperiyar dam has also scared me once. Hope that matter will be solved soon. Sachin’s much expected 100th century will not happen this year. In case of Hindi movies, though many movies failed miserably, 2011 has gifted many rocking songs. In case of Malayalam, a lot of high quality movies with wonderful themes. If you ask me to name best movies of Malayalam I’d say it as Salt n Pepper, Traffic and Bhakthajanangalude Sradhakku (from the ones I saw).

Now coming to personal life, 2011 has gifted me a few good and bad things:

By joining a few bloggers’ social networking sites (special mention: Indiblogger), I got many blogger friends. Similarly, I could drag some friends into blogging and blog promotion.

There are also some things that I couldn’t achieve this year:

  • To see life in a practical way
  • To be more serious
  • 100 followers for my blog

It has been one year since I came to Kozhikode, the land of foodies. I’d say, the taste of Kozhikode Biriyani has helped me to achieve that record of eating one full plate biriyani (breaking my own record only).

My addiction for social media still remains the same. It was a real shock for me when Google decided to shut down Buzz. From Orkut, Buzz, Facebook, Google Plus to Twitter… My latest exploration is on Twitter. By mastering all these sites, I’d understand the fact that all the sites are alike.

My Special Friends Of 2011:

  • Basabi: My former managers, a chatterbox, die hard cricket fan and one of my best friends.
  • Amith: My fighter friend with whom I always fight at office (now missing all those fights when you left the office)
  • Nikhil: My silent friend who is very understanding and caring (caring until the day we/you leave the office)
  • Roshna: Our team leader, a hardworking fellow and a very good friend of mine
  • Shahan: My friend whom I approach when I’ve any problems (I’ll never forget the taste of chips that your mom makes)
  • Ayesha: My former manager and one of my very best friends (Missing our girl talks and pizza sessions dear friend)
  • Nimiya: My chatterbox friend
  • Shibu: A friend who is a genius in computer programs, a well-known tweeter, and a Santhosh Pandit fan (this is the only part I hate about you)
  • Nishad: If I’m Jerry, he’ll be Tom. He is my present fighter friend (Hope our Tom n Jerry show will continue next year too)
  • Jabir: Also called as ‘Malabari’, he is a guy with so much of social awareness. (Mind it, please don’t say what you speak is Malappuram Slang Malayalam anymore)
  • Javad: A very silent guy whom I’m trying to make talkative
  • Binitha: My present manager and my veggie friend (I wonder how we both like same things and think in same angle)

All the people mentioned above belong to Team Webnamaste. It doesn’t mean I have forgotten other friends. They are also a part of making my 2011 wonderful.

Wishing a very happy new year to:

  • My dearest friends
  • My stranger friends
  • Readers of my blog
  • My relatives
  • My well wishers
  • My Enemies

Don’t expect any New Year Resolutions from me as I believe it is old fashioned! Take resolution every day and do it daily!




  1. Well Written Roopa

  2. Well Written Roopa, - Shahan

  3. Thanks Jabir and wish you the same :)

  4. A wonderful post(as always)to end 2011!!! Even i do wonder on our similarities :D Awaiting more wonderful post from you :) Wishing you a great year ahead!!! Happy New Year :) - Binitha

  5. Yes 2011 indeed was special for too many reasons and I can see 2012 is going to be everything more than that... :D

  6. I know...Yeah 2012 will be awesome, hope so!

  7. happy new year :)

  8. Thanks Deepak.
    You are one of the best blog friends whom 2011 has gifted me :)

  9. Good one! alengil venda, Adipoli! words to express is nice n simple as always....wish u a wonderful year 2012


  10. Happy new year! I haven't kept resolutions for myself this year as well. Really nice way of thanking the people in your life. Oh, and loved the cute teddy! :)

  11. @Amith...You people really made my 2011 very special!
    @shrinidhi...I always love to remember and thank my dearies...
    @Sudeshna Das...Thanks dear.Its my friend Shahan's work :)

  12. happy new year to u too... wish u all happiness in life and btw u did make all ur friends day with ur post :)

  13. Thanks meenz n same to you :)

  14. Happy New Year!

    Nice round of the year gone by...

    Wish you all the very best!

    BTW,You were the first one to wish me this year...

  15. Hi I sent u this msg on fb, duno why u dint get it, anyways pls read it n delete it n do the needful thanks
    I am "sham" who commented on ur blog. I belive that IP can be tracked since u already have the ffeedjit tracker installed look at the time the person commented,the date look for the same on ur tracker details. You can otherwise ask someone who has a better knowledge abt this like an IT friend or someone n do it also. maybe the person just commented like that, we dont know anyways. and pls delete my comment abt tracking the ip, just incase if someone wants to leave anymore anonymous comment i dont want them to be scared away seeing my comment. okie?
    I hope hes found soon, i had seen the kathayallithu program n thought they would find him sooon..anyways, new year, new hopes, praying he ll come back soon...

  16. Thanks for ur concern.But now a days that post is having so much of traffic.And i cannot trace through Feedjit