Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cheers to Best Drink

For last couple of post, I was sticking on the online life. Although I am a person who prefers a lovely offline life rather being an online creature, I spend my days more in the virtual world today. It doesn’t mean I blabber all the happenings of my life in the web! I wonder why I am writing these stuffs when the post is nowhere related to my virtual life! See, that is why I always say the lifestyle will be reflected in your words.

Let me come to the point… I’d a city life one year back and now the only reminiscence of those days are the discount/offer SMSes from Dominos that reaches my cell phone once in a while. Fast food, nightlife, shopping, traveling, having fun at beach… A different style of life! Still I cannot say Kozhikode is a city completely as it has some essence of rural life. Anyway, I’ve stepped down from that place in last February. 

When I reached my village, I felt I miss many of the fun that I had last year. Today I’ve to be at home before the sunset since it is not ‘safe’ for females to roam around at night. Pizza had become one of my favorite foods from my college days. Now, I’ve to go all the way to nearby cities to eat that. Again, beaches were my dearest hangout places, which I could see only in pictures today. All these were my initial thoughts. At present I am not much bothered about loses I’ve in a village life.

The best things I receive in my rural world are truly worthy to be proud of. Apart from the fresh air and greenery, I must say the greatest gift that my family could access is pure water. Chlorinated drinking water has become common today. But we have a clean well from which we can draw many buckets of fresh water. Not many homes in India enjoy the happiness of drinking fine water from their own well. 

As a physician, my dad insists our family to drink boiled water. I never cared his suggestion of drinking hot water from my home. “We are blessed with a well from where we can fetch pure water. We must be thankful for that and must drink it without boiling.” – I argue with him every time I take a gulp! 

Eating and drinking are the most essential needs of a living being. If you are lucky to have both, you must thank Mother Earth for blessing you. Again, never forget to offer food and water to the needy people especially in summer as it is the best thing you can give them. Also, keep some water in a tumbler in the courtyard of your home so that birds and animals could take a sip. Let us pray for the rain to come soon and provide lots of water.

(Although I have deviated from the topic, the main theme of this post is water. Please find time to appreciate this best drink on the planet!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Remarks For New Comers

“I am just a beginner in blogging. Please do not torture me with your criticisms!” When I found such a post in one of the Malayalam bloggers Facebook group, I decided to ask her the details. She says someone had condemned the language of her very first poem. The criticizer commented in her blog post that as a follower of her religion, she must not write in such a way. It seems her poem sounded against the beliefs and practices of her religious conviction.

Since I have not tried to write in revolutionary language in my blogs, I did not face such criticisms. Yet I have suffered some kind of depressing comments in the beginning. As I know, the negative remarks will affect the creativity, I told her not to lose her confidence with such criticisms. When you are a beginner, everything is new for you. The positive and negative words may determine their attitude towards blogging. 

Some may even stop blogging once they find comments like ‘you are not fit to write’! When I started this blog, so many people made fun of me. At times I found remarks like other readers of my blog are fools to simply read and leave good comments. There were instances when I planned to delete my blog. Only at bad times, you will realize who your real friends are! During my initial days of blogging, I found a few friends who encouraged me to write more. It is because of them I never let my blog to hibernate for many days. 

Again there will be mood swings that may compel you to write either emotional posts or keep silence. I also had a very hard blow in my blogging days, which made me stop writing for a while. As usual, one of my very best friends told me that I must continue writing since there is a group of people who wish to read my words. There is another well wisher of mine who opines about my blog only as SMS.

It is nice to remember those olden days and how I came all the way! When the count of my followers reached 100, I felt as if I’d conquered a kingdom. From 100 followers, the growth was tremendous. I still wonder how it happened! However I am happy today that I am in a state to listen to all kinds of remarks. Neither positive nor negative words affect my viewpoint about blogging. 

Even though I can bear the harsh comments in my blogging, I know the mindset of a newcomer. I could identify the excitement and hope of a new blogger. As a so called experienced blogger, I never try to put down the confidence of beginners. In fact, I myself sense the appreciations I offer to the new ones are too high. I believe everyone has the ability to express. The only thing a writer must do is to polish them by continuous writing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blocked Words

Words Blocked Again,
Waiting for a Blow!

For Another Fresh Start,
Let Me Unwind!

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Homely Year

Exactly one year before, I went to meet a doctor after a severe pain in my knees. Doctor said I’d a ligament dislocation and needs a few months rest. Even though the boss at my previous office allowed me to work from home, I found it hard to do that. Finally, I had to take a tough decision to quit my job and stay back home. From last February, I live in my home without going out much. Although I visit my friends and relatives at times, I spend most of the hours at my own house.

Once I could sit properly, I started to work as a freelance content writer. In addition to that, I lived and died each day on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Indiblogger, what not…! When I realized that sitting idle will make depressed, I never allowed myself to be free except during the sleep.

Here are the positives of one year homely life:

  • Received so many virtual friends even while I kept a distance from those whom I’ve not met directly
  • Read so many fine articles and blog posts
  • Realized social media can be a tool for social work too
  • Became more familiar with blogging and bloggers
  • Peak of boredom lead me to read books
  • De-addicted from the habit of SMSing
  • Tried to develop the skill of leadership by leading a few Facebook groups
  • Started to observe the variations of my surroundings more keenly
  • Watched a few good movies in TV that I’d missed earlier
  • Learned to cook food independently though never call me an expert 

Every subject has two sides. Along with merits, there are some demerits for this homely life too. The following are the negatives:

  • Missing the fun at work along with colleagues
  • Feeling of loneliness when I’m offline
  • Addicted more to internet
  • Boring online life and always long to be offline

There ends the story of advantages and disadvantages of one year. We never know about the future and it always remains as suspense. Me too waiting for the next episode! If it has something special to speak of, check the blog for the updates. Thanks for your love!