Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feverish Female

Ginger Tea, Red Blanket, Silence... Having a great time with myself - Feverish Female!”

The above lines were kept in draft for almost a week. Those words were my status message in Facebook. I’ve stopped the habit of lettering my personal life in my social profiles. However the word ‘feverish female’ haunted me like anything and made me to scribble somewhere. Still I don’t have a clear idea what I am going to blabber now. Every day I start typing a few words here and delete those yelling “bull shit”! I hope today I could finish the post.

Coming to the point, I was down with fever for a week. You might be wondering what is there to write on fever since it is a very common disease. At least for crazy bloggers like me, everything that is not usual becomes a topic for blog. When you are ill with no much serious pain, it is a blessing at times. Yeah I meant it! You have a time of yourselves relaxing and observing your surroundings. I enjoyed the fever days mainly because:

Mobile was in silent mode with zero balance and no SMS offer

I could not sense any smell whether it is good or foul

All yummy food was tasteless for me

I did not care how shabby I was

Every moment gave thousand thoughts and ideas to write

Yet sometimes I felt so lonely without a back up from society. But then I realized how I am with reflection from neither virtual nor real world. Now I am good and fine! I am back in the world of social media and content writing. Thanks for your patience to read the post. Wishing my readers a perfect health always!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Life - A Play Of Tenses

Once in a while

Mind rewinds!

Yesterdays and past,

Old times and faces!

Moments of smile

Hours of tears

Colors and darkness

Fresh and dull!

Treasured memoirs

Free thoughts…

Every wave is counted

Each star is precious!

I am the teacher

I study as well!

I am the punisher

Call me bearer too!

Mind shelters past

Eyes spot present

Brain gauge future

Life is a play of tenses!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unique Thought From A Real Teacher

With bougainvilleas as borders, that school was a very ordinary institution in Kerala. It was a new venture of a few natives from Nilambur and the only asset of the organization was a group of fine teachers. The faculties of the school were keen in imparting moral and ethical thoughts to their students.

“We spell water in English, vellam in Malayalam, pani in Hindi and thanni in Tamil. Although the words sound different, all of them denote the same thing. Similarly, we call God in various names like Krishna, Allah or Jesus. Yet every name stands for one Almighty.” – Indumathi Miss told the students of third standard of that school. Even if there is no need for her to speak ‘out of syllabus topics’ like these, she intended her disciples to learn the basics of humanity.

No one will question her if she kept on teaching English grammar and the past-present-future tenses. She might not have recognized the power of her words and the fact that her statement has truly made a deep impact in my mind as a listener. I can very well say that I have not insulted the deities of any religious group. In fact I do have respect to all civilizations, culture and belief.

I might turn to a blind religious believer thinking only my religion is superior if I did not have a guide who can be rightly called a teacher. Many times I have felt that India lacks good teachers. We have scholars who teach their students about the differences between each culture, religion, caste and gender. Along with gaining marks by writing essays about the distinction, these thoughts make direct entry to the mind which cannot be erased later.

We need teachers to teach on compassion, love, care and generosity. These morals have to be developed from primary schools. Just like Indumathi Miss fed me with her “one God many names” slogan, we need many such gurus who can not only make our children know several subjects but also to judge what is worthy!

A Teacher's Day tribute to a wonderful teacher I had ever seen