Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Sorry 2014

English has become a tough language for me now. It’s not because I lost the flow in scribbling. I’m unsure about the exact reason. What I did to this blog is a sin! I should have posted at least some silly topics here once in a while. This was my pride and love. I was overwhelmed when I hear someone addressing me as VILLAGE GIRL.  Even today I’m so.  Only a few of my readers and fellow bloggers knew of my existence.

I had lame excuses. No time, always busy with official and household works. Still, I managed to frame regular articles for city supplement in Mathrubhumi, the daily I work for.  Just one night away, it’s New Year. If I count what I did this year in English blog, a big zero is the answer. Damuettan, my brother-in-law told me that I’m not at all concerned in upgrading my ideas in blog.

Will you believe, for past one year all I did in village girl was to blame myself for not updating regularly? Except a Rameshwaram criticism, there is no single serious post produced.  In spite of everything, I write the same words again and again.

Leaving all that and keeping in mind the whole lot, I take a New Year resolution for first time. I’LL UPDATE MY BLOG ATLEAST EVERY WEEK FROM 2015.  Posts may not be serious subjects for ever and a day. It may be weekly roundups or very personal moments.

2014… A year of storm, confusion, aimless journeys, bylines, hard work, tears and finally happiness! Whether job or family life, I’d truly believe this year I started the real voyage. My goals are achieved though a little more left.  I’ve a partner who likes me the way I’m. He let me work, read or write according to my wish.

More than that, we are settled at Kozhikode, my favorite city. Although free evenings are rare for us, we do enjoy ourselves when we get some. Beach, dancing tea, hot ice-cream, exhibitions or so on adds flavors for us.

Do bear me this time. Assuring you a regularly updated blog next year!  Signing off 2014… Happy New Year ahead.