Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

(photo courtesy: Shahan, Jabir)

First of all, I don’t know what to write and how will it end up! Anyway, it is necessary to write something about 2011. Don’t worry, I’m not writing the usual Obama, Osama, Anna, Gaddafi, Aiswarya’s delivery issues. But certainly Viru’s 200 and India’s world cup victory means a lot to me. Similarly the drama going on about Mullaperiyar dam has also scared me once. Hope that matter will be solved soon. Sachin’s much expected 100th century will not happen this year. In case of Hindi movies, though many movies failed miserably, 2011 has gifted many rocking songs. In case of Malayalam, a lot of high quality movies with wonderful themes. If you ask me to name best movies of Malayalam I’d say it as Salt n Pepper, Traffic and Bhakthajanangalude Sradhakku (from the ones I saw).

Now coming to personal life, 2011 has gifted me a few good and bad things:

By joining a few bloggers’ social networking sites (special mention: Indiblogger), I got many blogger friends. Similarly, I could drag some friends into blogging and blog promotion.

There are also some things that I couldn’t achieve this year:

  • To see life in a practical way
  • To be more serious
  • 100 followers for my blog

It has been one year since I came to Kozhikode, the land of foodies. I’d say, the taste of Kozhikode Biriyani has helped me to achieve that record of eating one full plate biriyani (breaking my own record only).

My addiction for social media still remains the same. It was a real shock for me when Google decided to shut down Buzz. From Orkut, Buzz, Facebook, Google Plus to Twitter… My latest exploration is on Twitter. By mastering all these sites, I’d understand the fact that all the sites are alike.

My Special Friends Of 2011:

  • Basabi: My former managers, a chatterbox, die hard cricket fan and one of my best friends.
  • Amith: My fighter friend with whom I always fight at office (now missing all those fights when you left the office)
  • Nikhil: My silent friend who is very understanding and caring (caring until the day we/you leave the office)
  • Roshna: Our team leader, a hardworking fellow and a very good friend of mine
  • Shahan: My friend whom I approach when I’ve any problems (I’ll never forget the taste of chips that your mom makes)
  • Ayesha: My former manager and one of my very best friends (Missing our girl talks and pizza sessions dear friend)
  • Nimiya: My chatterbox friend
  • Shibu: A friend who is a genius in computer programs, a well-known tweeter, and a Santhosh Pandit fan (this is the only part I hate about you)
  • Nishad: If I’m Jerry, he’ll be Tom. He is my present fighter friend (Hope our Tom n Jerry show will continue next year too)
  • Jabir: Also called as ‘Malabari’, he is a guy with so much of social awareness. (Mind it, please don’t say what you speak is Malappuram Slang Malayalam anymore)
  • Javad: A very silent guy whom I’m trying to make talkative
  • Binitha: My present manager and my veggie friend (I wonder how we both like same things and think in same angle)

All the people mentioned above belong to Team Webnamaste. It doesn’t mean I have forgotten other friends. They are also a part of making my 2011 wonderful.

Wishing a very happy new year to:

  • My dearest friends
  • My stranger friends
  • Readers of my blog
  • My relatives
  • My well wishers
  • My Enemies

Don’t expect any New Year Resolutions from me as I believe it is old fashioned! Take resolution every day and do it daily!



Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Call For A Spring

Hugging my pillow tight,

Roaming in my dreams,

Under my red blanket,

I sleep quietly with a smile!

Every day I open my eyes,

To see a colorful spring!

Every day it is a fresh wish,

To be a part of better life!

Cold and freezing,

My body and soul,

Scorching climate,

It is still the winter!

When will the flowers bloom?

When will the birds sing?

When can I dance?

When can I wake up?

Oh my dear spring!

Can you hear me?

I’m counting days,

I’m waiting for you!

My excitement is on the peak,

My energy has gone high!

Why am I so wondered?

Why am I so lively?

I know spring will be here soon,

I also known it won’t remain long!

It has to leave me alone,

For a harsh and dry summer!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Another Side

“To reduce your fat, you should…” When my friend started advising me, I neither listened nor argued. I’ve been trying everything from yoga, dieting, swimming, gym workouts, walking etc etc. Nothing found to be so effective for me. Once I realized it is not fully my fault, I am not much worried about this.

Let people say whatever they want, why should I waste my energy convincing the real fact! My best friends who know me well know the reason. May be to make me happy, they gave me a very sweet name, TEDDY BEAR! Well, some of my friends used to tell me ‘teddy will never look cute when it is slim’…

World looks at you like an unusual creature if you are a little fat or plump. Even if you are obese because of health, hereditary or hormonal problems, you still belong to an ‘over eating’ category. Again, the world of fashion is framed for slim beauties. I wonder why designers never see that there is a group of people who cannot fit into these costumes! The word ‘beauty’ seems to be a synonym for slim these days.

It is believed that a person to be perfect, he/she should be fair, tall and slim! There are a number of guys or girls who go behind these three aspects. If any of these elements is lacking, they are teased to the maximum. So they struggle to maintain zero size and try all the fairness cream. Because of unscientific dieting, many have lost their lives after suffering from serious illnesses!

God has created us in different shapes and sizes. No two individuals can have same structure. You may be fat, slim, fair, dark, tall or short. Every individual has his/her own identity. It is not the physical facet that makes you a human. Ultimately, your words and behavior determines the humanity in you! If you need to be appreciated, you should have an attitude to respect and encourage the fellowmen around you.

Monday, December 19, 2011

To The Tusker Of Ettimadai

My Dear Elephant Hill,

On 14th May 2010, when I stepped down from Amrita, you are one of the very few special things I felt I’m going to miss!!! While my car moved from Gargi Bhavan, I turned back to you to say a good-bye. Though such glances are never new for you and happen every year, were you a little gloomy that day? I felt, you simply covered yourself with clouds in order to avoid my gaze!

You always stood like a ‘rock’ and taught me not to be too emotional anytime. I can never call you a beautiful hill compared to other hills around the campus. Still, you have a power to enchant anyone. Similarly, the tusker shape in you made us stare at you with wonder! You were scary at times with winds hauling all over reminding us of all horror movies.

Sometimes you were covered with fog; otherwise cloudy. Often I’d seen thin strips of water flowing down from you giving me a feeling that you were crying. There were days when you look so fresh under crystal clear sky! Were you really reflecting my feelings?

I spoke to you in silence for hours during those two years. You saw me happy, sad, angry, sick and blushing! You gave me company when I felt lonely… When I look at you with a dull face, you consoled me saying, “Be happy! Even I’m all alone; but I keep enjoying the seasonal changes and my friendships with fog and snow.”

The whole nature around you is simply awesome. Apart from the natural splendor, the campus is also rich with gardens, lawns and trees. In spite of all these beauties nearby, you stand as the ultimate king there. Truly as the landmark of Amrita Viswa Vidyapeetham!

My love for you will remain forever… When my brother who is studying in Coimbatore comes home, I used to ask him about you. Also, my juniors there used to tell me about you. I know you still remain as the heartthrob of thousands of Amritians of Planet Ettimadai. There might be many writing, dreaming and speaking all about you. As always, let you be the first thing that comes to anyone’s mind when they think of Ettimadai in future too!

Missing you,


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Manly 200

Sachin scored 200 and see how much your Viru took!” I felt as if yesterday I heard these dialogues from my friends. I and a group of guys of my college watched that match of Sachin scoring double hundred from the TV room of our department. Almost all teased me for being a fan of Virendar Sehwag. Unfortunately, Sehwag could score only 9 runs in that match. Even so, I felt Viru may score a double hundred one day.

And wow! It happened… Viru scored 200!!! I was at office busy writing a Press Release. Office was empty that day as most of my colleagues were either on leave or left early. I’ve a habit of checking manoramaonline regularly. I saw the score board with Sehwag on 89! I told my colleague Shibu about the score. He said, “There is a possibility for Sehwag to score a double”… I really wanted a double hundred from Indian opener. But 200 is not an easy task!

Hmm… I checked the score board every now and then. 100, 130, 150, 170, 180, 190, 195, 197…. When Viru reached 197, score board did not move. Shibu and I were looking at each other anxiously. “Two Hundred for Sehwag” whispered Shibu! I thought he might be joking. He showed me some tweets appreciating Sehwag. Then I had to accept. My dream is now a reality!

Media said ‘Sehwag too scored 200’ at first. God come first, then only man… But when Sehwag scored 219, media and Indians accepted some records of God can be broken by human being too. One of my brothers posted in Facebook, “If Sachin is the God of cricket, Sehwag is Rajnikanth”.

In spite of two triple hundred in Test and a double hundred in One-day, there are still people who believe everything that Sehwag scored is out of luck. Lot of commentators and cricket experts criticizes him for not having perfect foot work and for not playing shots ‘with a beauty’. However, there is still a majority of Indian cricket fans who simply want him to smash every ball into boundary.

My request to the criticizers is that please don’t spoil the confidence of such a wonderful batsman! Let him score more and more without caring his foot work or perfection in shots. We already have many perfectionists in the team. He can never be another Sachin, Dravid or Ganguly. He is Viru, a simple and humble guy who always love to cheer up his crowd and co-players.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

A Mom's Call

Once upon a time

I was a free river!

Starting from a hill,

Ending in an ocean!

Like a mother to her kids,

I nurtured people around!

I helped them to eat,

I gave them water to drink!

They wanted more from me,

They tied me inside a wall!

I did not complaint,

I stood silent and still!

Two lands fought for me,

Both say they own me!

I could see cracks on my walls,

They never cared that too!

I’m scared of my power,

People can’t bear my force!

I’ve to sweep lakhs of lives,

I’ll wash of many lands!

As a mom, I can’t kill you,

I hate to harm my children!

Make a new wall around me,

Else give my old life back!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Smiling For A Reason

Sky was dark,

Sun hidden behind…

Nothing was seen,

Not even a ray of hope!

With shivering hands,

I prayed to Lord!

I need the light,

To guide my way…

Fragrance of soil,

Melody of life!

Raining for a reason,

Washing away my worries!

Each cloud gives a hope,

Each rain gives a smile…

Rain will not stay for long,

Let smile remain forever!