Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Good Bye Google Buzz

Laughing, yelling, shouting, crying, screaming at each other…All these make a place homely! It is how a house turns to be a home. I felt the same when I started using Google Buzz. Unlike other social networking sites, it is safe inside another shelter named Gmail. When I started using Buzz, the only social network I knew was Orkut. Though Twitter and Facebook existed, I was not much crazy about social media life those days. I added only a few relatives and close friends as my followers. I started posting comments in Buzz and people liked, replied, criticized for my remarks. I did the same for them too.

We can’t always expect comments or Likes in Buzz. However the bondings between the followers are very strong. Most of them post comments only to let their friends know their updates. I also posted in Buzz to let my friends know about me because they may not be able to find what I say in the heap of many stupid updates in other social networking sites.

For me, it is really shocking that Google has decided to retire Buzz. When I posted such a comment, one of my friends responded, “Anything that is not profitable in a business should be slaughtered”. But there are many others who don’t agree with this action of the search engine giant. “Google buzz is going away... Bye to random people whom I don't know but whose post I simple read because I'm jobless. Bye to following people because they follow me. Bye to posting nothing on Buzz. Bye to the very little memories attached to this. Goodbye.”- comments Aravind KN. Even if Google has announced that it is going to kill Buzz soon, people still post comments in it. Buzz may be a failure, but there was a life in that! It offered the warmth of a sweet home.

Let me tell you my dear Buzz, more than any other social sites, I spoke to you from my heart...You were my best companion... You too are leaving me all alone... Good bye Buzz...I'll miss you!