Tuesday, November 22, 2011


“It is stupid book”… When I turned the pages of that book, my cousin brother came up with his opinion. As he reads so much, it may be true. However, I couldn’t stop looking at the title of the book. TOO MUCH IN LOVE! It is a book by Kate Williams and is a story of a girl who is very possessive about her boy friend. I know it doesn’t have much serious stuff in it. Even then, I decided to read it. It has nothing more than what we see in the usual mega serials. Still, the surprising thing was that I could read more than 50 pages in a single read. And it has been years since I left the habit of reading.

A little flashback… “I’ve not seen many children playing with books, turning each page without tearing it. You were so from the age of two”-my mom used to give compliments to me. It’s true! I loved books so much when I was a kid. While other children played hide and seek, my world was books. I knew the entire story of Mahabharata and Ramayana at the age of 8 or 10. My relatives have many times appreciated me for my habit of reading.

Soon I realized that the kids of my age never liked me because I was silent and didn’t play with them. That self- realization was too shocking for me. I felt I was all alone in this world. Neither my friends nor cousins cared me much as I was an alien in their world. Slowly, I started hating books. I had a feeling that it took me away from the real world. I moved away from letters and words. Once I changed, I started getting good friends in both real and virtual world.

As soon as I became a ‘normal person’, I thought I should start the habit of reading again. This time books rejected me! I’m not able to sit and read for a long time. Sometimes, I’ll get bored when I read a few pages of a book. When I lose my interest in a book, I won’t try to read it again. The lack of reading reduced my vocabulary. I struggled while writing. Some blogs and article reading from web helped me to write.

I really wish to be a voracious reader. Hope my new love ‘Too much in Love’ will help me to get back into the world of books without reducing the time spend with my friends and family.


  1. Its never too late to re-start... Reading need not be exclusive. You can have enough time for everything else and reading. One only need to learn to strike a balance between the two...(may be we can reduce the hours that we waste in front of computer and use it for reading...)

    I cant understand why a person who dont read is a "normal person"... I am sorry you had to reject books to get friends... May be it was a misconception that you cant have good friends just because you read so much!!!

    Anyhow, get back to reading... There is no joy like reading...it open up infinte knowledge and possibilities; may be it will tell you how you can keep both books and your friends together... Cheers!

  2. World consider a person who read too much as a bookworm.Now I know how to balance between friends, family and books.Thank you so much for your comment Nishedathi :)

  3. the beginning appeared like a stolen confession from me. I used to read when i was very young, even the epics. only difference is that i never detached myself from the group, i was never away from the crowd because of my reading habit.

    I haven't gone through many books in last 20 years unless they are essential for my academics and technical survival. may be one day i will follow your path of return.

  4. Sure Gopan...You will get back to the world of reading one day because that world is so tempting :)