Saturday, November 12, 2011

Let No Girl Suffer Anymore

Usually, there will be at least two opinions for an issue in Kerala. But in the murder case of Soumya, the whole state stood as one and wanted the Govindachami, the prime accused to be punished. The court too agreed with the public and awarded capital punishment to the Soumya rape and murder case accused Govindachami. When the Thrissur Fast Track Court judge K Ravindra Babu announced the punishment on 11 November 2011, the huge crowd waiting outside welcomed it with crackers. The youth wing of both Left and Right parties raised slogans against the accused.

According to the prosecution, Govindachami had assaulted 23-year-old Soumya in an empty ladies' compartment on February 1 this year and pushed her out of the running train, immediately after it left the Vallathol Nagar station. He then carried her to a spot along the rail tracks and raped her 'cruelly and brutally'. She succumbed to death on February 6. A native of Virudhachalam in Tamil Nadu, Govindachami had been convicted in eight cases in Tamil Nadu from 2004 to 2008. He is punished on the charges of murder, rape, robbery causing severe injury and criminal trespass.

Though the capital punishment for the accused will never matches the pain that Soumya suffered. However, it will be a relief for her family members despite the fact that nothing can replace the loss of their dearest daughter. Also, it will be a moral for those who don’t respect the dignity of women. It seems Govindachami is taking next step and going for an appeal in higher courts. If the capital punishment for this person is cancelled, it can shatter people’s faith in judiciary. Hope the higher courts too go with the public.

Soumya is now a symbol of the insecurity and assaults that the female community of Kerala endures in their daily life. Let her soul rest in peace and may other ladies lead a peaceful life with a belief that judiciary will be there to guard them!


  1. Cases like these, on one hand makes us more angry and on other hand gives solace that justice was done. But the question remains : are women meant to suffer, and would justice come in favour after the unmatched pain that takes away life ?

  2. Outsiders only know kerala as "Gods Own country" , Beautiful kerala etc, but if you live in kerala for a long time you will know how barberic are some people. These people do not have a right to live on this earth. It is not that kerala is blood thirsty, but that is the need of the hour.

  3. @shan n jabir... Thanks
    @dreamy girl... Even if they call mother earth or Bharath matha, the way woman is treated here is so pathetic and painful.It was same in the past and follow ups are seen today too...
    @vazhiyorakazchakal... I'm ashamed to call myself a Keralite. Though it was not done by a Malayali, there were hundreds of public who stood as audience when Soumya was assaulted.

  4. Even though cases like this happen, this particular one is heart-wrenching to the is always there at the back of my mind..thanks for the update..did not know about the verdict sitting here in Hyd with no TV until I read this..People against capital punishment will say why we as a society have to be as barbarious as the perpetrator but in that case I admit I am a barbarian...

    I just cannot hide the fact that I am happy that this person will meet death..even though not in the same way in which he gleefully doled it out..

    And by the way this public apathy of not stopping a crime which is happening right in front of our eyes is seen the Amboli murders..

  5. Yeah... finally court decided to go with the public and give him the 'best' reward

  6. coz u asked to read, seeing the topic
    i could not read, less aware, not interested, i like to be away from my society

  7. I'm not clear...What do you mean?Why do you love to stay away from society?

  8. coz f d above mentioned incidents
    i don like the mentality of an average malayali
    So i hv nothing to comment on it .. clear ?

  9. As you live in Kerala,you will hear all these kind of news.You can't escape from it since you bear the name Keralite!!!