Monday, June 27, 2011

Rhyme Of A Rain Drop

No more fetters,

No more handcuffs!

No apologies,

No reserved talks…

Elephant hills,

Teddy bear,

No more hurts me…

Neither likes me!!!

I’d to free myself,

I realized it is a dream!

Forgetting past,

Flying high…

Like a rain drop,

I fell to embrace.

I wished to be absorbed,

Unluckily I wasn’t…

I accept my new life,

Though sighing at times…

I’m back in the sky,

Waiting for another rain!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ten Tips To Make Your Blog Lively

I began blogging as a time-pass, just to express myself. In the beginning, my concept about blog was that of an online diary. A diary to scribble anything and everything… Slowly, I could explore the world of blogging. I started knowing more about the life inside a blog. Also, choosing the job of social media executive helped me a lot to know more about this media.

I still cannot say I’m a successful blogger. However, one year of experience in the world of blogging has taught me so many things. Here are a few simple tips if you are entering into the field of blogging or if you wish to be a successful blogger:

  1. Clear vision: You should have a clear idea of what you are going to present in your blog. An unplanned post may take 2-3 days to finish, while a planned one can be done in 2-3 hours. Don’t think that Google is there to help you and so you never have to plan. Your concentration and ideas count more than anything else. You may see some of my posts are not even viewed by a single person. Those are the stupid posts that I’d written without a clear vision.
  2. Unified layout: People tend to read a blog that doesn’t change its lay out for each post. Stick to a format. Take time and decide how your blog should look. I had spent more than five days to finalize the design for this blog. I also love to try out new gadgets. You can see a number of gadgets on the write side of my blog. It is your blog and so you can choose the essentials for your blog. But make sure that, it looks appealing.
  3. Give personal touch: You must understand that readers visit your blog to know your perspective on an issue. So, if you are giving a general opinion, they may find no difference between your blog and Wikipedia. A blog is your own property. You are the master and hence you have the right to add whatever you feel.
  4. Stick to a particular subject: It is ideal if you can specialize you write on a single subject. Everyone will be interested to write whatever they feel like. But sticking on to a single topic like photography or poems makes your blog look more perfect rather than writing many things though I’d never followed this point in my blog.
  5. Catchy title: Even if you write a wonderful article altogether, no one will read unless it has an interesting caption. In the newspapers, we used to say, giving a headline is the toughest task as it is the element that makes people read a news story. Finding a best title may not be easy always. But, I’d suggest you to spend sometime on framing an attractive heading.
  6. Lists are better than paragraphs: A simple list can drag more traffic to your blog than a well framed paragraph. It not only drags readers, but also it is one of the best ways to show case your writing skills.
  7. Photos speak more than letters: Pictures can convey more than words do. A blog post without images or diagrams is so boring to read. A single image can make your entire blog post colorful and bright.
  8. Let people follow you: Make your readers follow your blog. I’d like to call them my ‘blog friends’ rather than followers. The best way to raise your traffic and increase the count of followers is through social media sites. As Facebook stands on the top of the list, you can update your FB status with the recent happenings of your blog. Also you can request personally to your friends and dear ones to go through the blog and comment on your post. Whenever I post anything, I do all these to make everyone read my blog. Because of me doing this constantly, one of my friend had once threaten me that “If you again spell the word ‘blog’, our friendship will end then and there”. But I haven’t stopped it till now.
  9. Never miss a chance to paste your blog link in other’s post: Whenever you find any good post and you feel you should comment on it, don’t stop just by a simple note. Leave an imprint of your blog there all the time. It may sound simple, but it can give brilliant results.
  10. Mingle with readers: A blog writer will be delighted whenever he finds a comment on his post. Most of the readers, however, remain silent without posting a remark. As a blogger, you should interact with your readers well. Also give a platform for your readers to interact themselves. One of my friend has a blog named My Work is My Style. I could see him interacting well with those who comment on his posts and thus making the blog so lively!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Anna Hazare-Gandhi Of Modern India

India is a democratic country where people are the ultimate rulers. Whether its President, Prime Minister or any other ministers; all will come next to the 1.21 billion commoners of India. They are the ones who have casted their votes and finally made these Governments or other ruling authorities. That is the same reason why they are known as ‘representatives’. They are simply representatives of a mass crowd. However, they forget that they come only next to the common citizens of India and these politicians carry out all types of bribery, scams and criminal activities without minding their masters.

“Politicians are servants of people”….A Gandhian named Anna Hazare came out to public with this proclamation. He does not have a record of holding high positions in the political parties. What he had is a huge support from the commoners of India. His main demand is to establish Lokpal Bill. The Lokpal Bill provides for filing complaints of corruption against the prime minister, other ministers, and MPs with the ombudsman. In Parliament, Lokpal bills were introduced in 1971, 1977, 1985, 1989, 1996, 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2008, yet they were never passed and it is still pending. The main reason for this bill to stay with the status ‘pending’ is because majority of the politicians fear that their ‘clean’ image will not exist whLinken it is passed. Hazare began a fast unto death in April 2011 to exert pressure on Central Government to pass Lokpal Bill. With the assurance of ministers that the bill will be drafted soon, Hazare ended the hunger strike.

In between, a yoga leader Swami Ramdev, also joined the protest. He also started a hunger strike along with his thousands of followers. Police arrested Ramdev after removing his followers forcefully. Social workers from all over the country came to support Ramdev. The ruling party could get away from all those blames by mixing politics into it. Congressmen accused opposition in supporting Ramdev. Moreover Ramdev is allegedly called as business tycoon, has built a global yoga empire that stretches from India to a remote island in Scotland, with declared revenues since 1995 of 11 billion rupees.

In short, the entry of Baba Ramdev has reduced the sharpness and intensity of the fight for Lokpal Bill. Anna Hzare has nothing in hand except willingness and dedication to serve humanity. If you visit his village, Ralegan Siddhi in Maharashtra, you can very well know who this simple man for the villagers is. He has helped them to uproot alcoholism, improve education, milk production, removal of untouchability, starting grain banks, conducting collective marriages and watershed development program. Yet he remains so simple, but firm in his ideas. He does not have the power of finance or army with him. His main strength is truthfulness and support of the commoners, which no political or spiritual leaders can wipe out. As far as he is concerned, he wishes to remain as an obedient servant of his master that is the fellow citizens of India….

Monday, June 6, 2011

Minister Darshan

"Ningal vann bhooripakshathodu koodi vijayippicha manthri Dr MK Muneer Sahib nallavaraya Kozhikottukarodu nandhi parayan ee vahanathinte thottu pirakilayi itha kadannu varunnu"-screamed someone in loud speaker.He was saying that the state minister, Dr MK Muneer, was coming to meet his voters of Calicut to convey his thanks.Hearing that announcement,Ayesha,Amith,Nikhil and me gave a break to our work and started peeking outside.

Along with the announcement in jeep,there was a truck with a band team.After that,there was a short break.As Ayesha is not from Kerala,rest of us explained her about Muneer.Apart from politics, Muneer is also famous as an orator, musician and painter.For me,I admire him more as an artist.Out of the curiosity that aroused from our explanations,Ayesha too joined us to see that leader.
After a while, there came a few kids with banner and cards welcoming the minister.
Behind that,a bike rally...Amith was all set with his camera to click a shot of the most beloved minister from Calicut.Ayesha had a hit on the grills of the window while trying to get the maximum view of what's going on outside. Waiting,waiting,waiting...No sign of minister's arrival.We made Nikhil to take the responsibility of informing us when Muneer comes.We were back in our seats and started to work again.

"Hehehe! Here comes Muneer"-said Nikhil.What is there so much to laugh?We rushed to get a glimpse of our state minister.Nikhil pointed out the state car and said,"There goes the minister"...We saw an air conditioned state car with covered windows.Inside the cooling glass of the car,we could spot a human figure in the back seat.We guessed it was Dr MK Muneer,who arrived to convey his gratitude to us.We also imagined he was smiling at us as we were the ones who made him an MLA and a minister!!!