Monday, June 6, 2011

Minister Darshan

"Ningal vann bhooripakshathodu koodi vijayippicha manthri Dr MK Muneer Sahib nallavaraya Kozhikottukarodu nandhi parayan ee vahanathinte thottu pirakilayi itha kadannu varunnu"-screamed someone in loud speaker.He was saying that the state minister, Dr MK Muneer, was coming to meet his voters of Calicut to convey his thanks.Hearing that announcement,Ayesha,Amith,Nikhil and me gave a break to our work and started peeking outside.

Along with the announcement in jeep,there was a truck with a band team.After that,there was a short break.As Ayesha is not from Kerala,rest of us explained her about Muneer.Apart from politics, Muneer is also famous as an orator, musician and painter.For me,I admire him more as an artist.Out of the curiosity that aroused from our explanations,Ayesha too joined us to see that leader.
After a while, there came a few kids with banner and cards welcoming the minister.
Behind that,a bike rally...Amith was all set with his camera to click a shot of the most beloved minister from Calicut.Ayesha had a hit on the grills of the window while trying to get the maximum view of what's going on outside. Waiting,waiting,waiting...No sign of minister's arrival.We made Nikhil to take the responsibility of informing us when Muneer comes.We were back in our seats and started to work again.

"Hehehe! Here comes Muneer"-said Nikhil.What is there so much to laugh?We rushed to get a glimpse of our state minister.Nikhil pointed out the state car and said,"There goes the minister"...We saw an air conditioned state car with covered windows.Inside the cooling glass of the car,we could spot a human figure in the back seat.We guessed it was Dr MK Muneer,who arrived to convey his gratitude to us.We also imagined he was smiling at us as we were the ones who made him an MLA and a minister!!!

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