Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Story Of A Malabari

One of my colleagues in my previous office dragged me into a Facebook group named Malabaris. The word meaning of Malabaris is the people of Malabar. However, the group was not confined for ‘Malabaris’. People from all the corners of Kerala joined the group. Actually a few districts of North Kerala is known as Malabar. This was a British version of referring a district in Kerala named Malappuram. 

Although Malabar comprises of many districts, all of them are identical in many aspects. The natives of these areas are famous for their hospitality. Since you will find the best foodies in these districts of Kerala, they are also ready to prepare and serve yummy dishes to their guests. There are many other features like admiration to all kinds of music, art forms and sports. Most of the places in Malabar are still developing and so there is innocence in the behavior of the natives. Do I sound like boasting? Well, come to Malabar once and you’ll realize I am not hyping too much.

Facebook groups have created a wild sensation among the users. Apart from being a meeting place of people of same interest, it has also helped in formation of donation camps and venues for other social activities. Malabaris aims at gathering people who like fun and friendship. When I joined, all I did in the group was to paste the links of my new blog posts. I should say I remained as an inactive member in Malabaris for more than one year with the exception of posting my blog updates.

Sooner the admins of the group invited me for a chat with the group. That segment helped me to interact with most of the active members. The question and answer session went for about 2-3 days. It was at that time I checked more about the group. Within a few days, admins asked me if I can lead the group with them. As the leaders at that time was highly active, I thought even if I’m the admin it will be just a namesake job. But I was completely mistaken. Everyone had their own roles to do without any delay for the progress of the group.

In a few months, the group reached the one lakh membership mark. This mark is rare among Malayalam groups. The whole thing of controlling such a group is not a simple task. There will be issues and disputes every day. Whenever a problem happens, members will come to admins for help. We have to sort out the problems patiently. I learned the skill of leadership from this group. 

I am not sure how many more days will I be able to lead the group with other admins. Out of stress, I’d even tried to quit the admin post and membership from the group many times. Yet, the care and affection of the group members helped me to rethink about my decision and get back to the track. For me to remain as a fine performer in a group with one lakh (100 thousand) members, I must thank other fellow admins and members who have supported me.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Really Fake

A strange mystery,
A clueless game,
An unending hope,
Defines my life!

Silence may hurt,
So do the words.
Blocked thoughts,
Stuck in my dream.

World of smileys,
Sweetness of likes
Clicks and Enter
Connect us always!

Keep in touch,
Just a formal request.
Even if I don’t
Nothing changes!

If it let me smile,
I do admire a lie.
If it let me cry,
I don’t prefer truth.

Fake world of mind
I’ve created for me!
Ask me not to run,
As I hate to do that!

Let me remove masks
To be myself at night!
Here ends a day
And my imaginaries!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Unexpected Shower

Dead thoughts
Unfocused ideas
Cloudy black sky
Sweaty dull day!

From a distance,
Then came a roar!
Ended the suspense
With heavy shower.

Dry soil and leaves
Thirsty creatures
Thanked with joy
For a lovely rain!

A valley and hill
Just me and myself
A tiny water drop
Kissed my forehead!

Oh! Rain vanished
Just like memoirs.
Was it a dream?
Wet earth says not!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Hope From Static To Dynamic (2012 to 2013)

Today is the day when most of us open the bundle of memories of last year. I still remember posting a memoir about 2011 in which my friend had designed a picture for the blog post. Every year has something worthy/ worthless to remember. For me, last year was almost static. I don’t have much exciting things to write on so called “offline memories”. In case of online life, I’ve plenty to scribble. Since I am a creature who likes real world rather than virtual sphere, let me start with the former first.

Offline Memories:
In the beginning of the year 2012, I’d a wonderful trip with my relatives to some of the South Indian hill stations. Although it was a three day tour, we enjoyed maximum. On the way, I’d a ligament injury which was misunderstood as a sprain. Since we thought it was a minor injury, neither I nor my relatives cared about it. After the tour, doctor identified it as ligament dislocation

From January onwards, my world was confined only in “online”! Although my boss and colleagues helped me to work from home, I felt I’ve to step down from the role of SEO Executive at Webnamaste. I had no idea on how to survive with the label ‘jobless’! It was then I started working as Freelance Content Writer. Even if there is no much fun like office hours, working from home gave me confidence. 

When coming to personal life, I did not get many new friends as I couldn’t interact with people unlike previous years. Again, there are many who left me for making their days bright. Usually I dedicate and thank people by mentioning their names. This year I don’t want to do that because I fear at least a few will leave or hate me so that I couldn’t repeat those names next year.

Online Recollections:

As I was not active physically, all I’d do is to participate energetically in the virtual world. Twitter, Facebook and Blogs made my year. One of the admins of Malayalam Bloggers in Facebook invited me to join their group. Their only criterion for being a member is to have a Malayalam blog. Starting a blog in one’s own mother tongue is always special. I must say, now my Malayalam blog is more talkative and active than Village Girl. 

Village Girl was quiet at times and otherwise on the go. It completed two milestones of blogging- 1,00,000 page views and 200 followers. Also, I found that a cultureless blogger had stolen more than 100s of my blog posts. The enormous support I received from blogger community and my online friends helped me to recover from the shock.

You might be wondering why I wrote only personal stuff in the post about 2012. There will be many to write regarding Sachin’s retirement or Delhi rape. That doesn’t mean those incidences are insignificant. I still have time to discuss about them later. Now I want to wrap up this post without making it lengthy. So I Wish You All a Prosperous and Happy New Year! Similarly, I hope this year will be a dynamic year for me too…

(This happens to be my 200th post. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Hope you will appreciate and criticize my works in future too)