Sunday, January 20, 2013

Really Fake

A strange mystery,
A clueless game,
An unending hope,
Defines my life!

Silence may hurt,
So do the words.
Blocked thoughts,
Stuck in my dream.

World of smileys,
Sweetness of likes
Clicks and Enter
Connect us always!

Keep in touch,
Just a formal request.
Even if I don’t
Nothing changes!

If it let me smile,
I do admire a lie.
If it let me cry,
I don’t prefer truth.

Fake world of mind
I’ve created for me!
Ask me not to run,
As I hate to do that!

Let me remove masks
To be myself at night!
Here ends a day
And my imaginaries!


  1. Got this blig lnk while surfing my blog. Now it's beauty has compulsion it itself. nicely written.

    Nevertheless, I've no good knowledge of poems, neither do I ever dared to tried them once, but let me tell you,I like this poem. Now following your blog.

  2. If you admire a lie, you are fit to survive!

  3. Transition from a virtual world to the real!

  4. wow really nice!!! luvd it :) i was away frm blogosphere these weeks and i missed some of ur posts... i'll check it asap :)

    1. No problem. Thanks for the visit and comment!