Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Teddy Bear Thought

Many friends of mine used to call me ‘teddy bear’. No one can escape from these kinds of nick names. Most of them may sound stupid. But this one I found it cute. In fact I loved some friends calling me so. My friend who has three teddy bears, in which one is of my size, once commented, “I got three, but none can match you”.

Teddy bears are made to give company. It is meant to console (though in silence) those who are lonely. It is always a symbol of warmth and affection. All these qualities make teddy bears popular around the globe. And so there is no wonder how it became a symbol of friendship.

Most often my gifts for my friends will be teddies. Still I would say, I don’t have a teddy of my own. Whenever I buy one, I feel I should gift it to some one.

In my cousin’s house, there is one which is snow white. When I’m in her house, I sleep holding it tight with a wish to have one just for me…

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

In search of Five Fingers

A bunch of friends,

A loving family,

A few good teachers,

A fine life…

Still can I call this happiness?

Does it make glory?

I would call it external,

I’m in search of internal.

To love and to be loved

The greatest gift in earth!

I loved everyone selflessly,

All left me in darkness…

I don’t want many now,

I need a hand to hold.

Just five fingers,

But I don’t find any!!!

One Year without Thangal

Usually when a famous person dies, it’s a celebration for media for at least one week. But when Panakkad Muhammadali Shihab Thangal passed away last year, major Malayalam dailies filed news stories with an emotional touch, seemed like even they mourn for his death. If you check Mahesh Guptan’s report in Malayala Manorama, you could really make out his attachment with Thangal.

Yes! Panakkad Muhammadali Shihab Thangal was a true all rounder. There won’t be many religious leaders like him who talks not only for his own religion but also for others as well. He stood for religious harmony which kept Malappuram district away from communal conflicts. Every one respected him and valued his words.

The doors of Panakkad house were never closed. Any one can enter at any time in this house and meet Thangal. There is no religious or caste bar for him. Though he was the head of Muslim League, for him, politics always held second position below social service.

One year passed without him from which natives of Malappuram has not recovered. They still go to Panakkad house to seek blessings from Thangal. It may sound awkward, but they say they could feel his presence that itself gives them peace and satisfaction.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One night without cell phone

Really I never expected I’d survive a night without my mobile. I call it as my best friend; I don’t know whether it’s the SIM card or the cell itself. But one thing I knew, my cell was turning me mad. I got addicted to messaging and even though the 100 messages that my network provider offered never satisfied me.
I was disturbed by a feeling that my cell is dominating my thoughts and activities. Moreover my mobile needed a repair. So I gave it for servicing. You won’t believe, life without mobile is amazing. I could here the buzzing of wind, sound of animals and birds around me. Stars and moon danced around me. I’d see the nature smiling at me.
Wow! What a world it is, without cell phone creaking and vibrating from my pockets...

Something to make me Smile

Smiling and making others smile
It’s my life’s motto
No one recognizes the pain behind
I’d never let others know.

Searching for a heart that loves me the best
Need a person who calls me close friend.
I can’t hold a second position
I don’t want to be a substitute.

Got many, everyone left
I smiled without regrets
World says it’s my fault
May be I’m the culprit.

Many gave me good company
But now I hate
As I realize everything is fake
As it has only a tone of compassion.

Every one leaves me
For a new destination,
For reviving old ones,
Come back happily to say ‘bye’.

I’m blessed with many good names
Bold, cute, caring,
Sweet, sincere and lovable.
No one leaves me without a smile.

Every time a person departs,
I’ll stay till he/she is out of sight.
What if they return with a smile and say,
Oye teddy bear! Just kidding! How can I leave you?