Saturday, July 31, 2010

A Teddy Bear Thought

Many friends of mine used to call me ‘teddy bear’. No one can escape from these kinds of nick names. Most of them may sound stupid. But this one I found it cute. In fact I loved some friends calling me so. My friend who has three teddy bears, in which one is of my size, once commented, “I got three, but none can match you”.

Teddy bears are made to give company. It is meant to console (though in silence) those who are lonely. It is always a symbol of warmth and affection. All these qualities make teddy bears popular around the globe. And so there is no wonder how it became a symbol of friendship.

Most often my gifts for my friends will be teddies. Still I would say, I don’t have a teddy of my own. Whenever I buy one, I feel I should gift it to some one.

In my cousin’s house, there is one which is snow white. When I’m in her house, I sleep holding it tight with a wish to have one just for me…

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