Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Something to make me Smile

Smiling and making others smile
It’s my life’s motto
No one recognizes the pain behind
I’d never let others know.

Searching for a heart that loves me the best
Need a person who calls me close friend.
I can’t hold a second position
I don’t want to be a substitute.

Got many, everyone left
I smiled without regrets
World says it’s my fault
May be I’m the culprit.

Many gave me good company
But now I hate
As I realize everything is fake
As it has only a tone of compassion.

Every one leaves me
For a new destination,
For reviving old ones,
Come back happily to say ‘bye’.

I’m blessed with many good names
Bold, cute, caring,
Sweet, sincere and lovable.
No one leaves me without a smile.

Every time a person departs,
I’ll stay till he/she is out of sight.
What if they return with a smile and say,
Oye teddy bear! Just kidding! How can I leave you?


  1. Superb...Hridayaragam....Jeevathalam...& Words of a gifted poet.

  2. nice work I lyk it. But think life is not a poetry, its life.
    keep posting these types of nice work.

  3. thanx guys...ur appreciations make me going

  4. yea... touching words
    last words : ‘Oye teddy bear! Just kidding! How can I leave you?’ ... diff

  5. Thanks Jabir...
    My collegemates call me teddy!
    So it is really nostalgic name for me...