Friday, June 25, 2010

Silent Comrade Friend

In the initial days, I never talked to her much because my concept about a ‘comrade’ was very different from what it is now. I thought all politicians especially the followers of communism (but now to tell the truth, most of my friends are comrades) were very rude. So I always kept a distance from those who are in politics.

All those thoughts changed when I became close with this girl. She was my classmate in degree, a girl whom you’d never see without a smiling face. She used to lead all the rallies of left wing party in college. Her slogans were echoed from the walls of our college building. She was very bold and direct. She never hesitated to raise her voice against injustice.

However she was very compassionate and helpful for the needy. She cares her dear ones and was ready to give her life for them. Above all, she is my best friend whom I always admired for having such a wonderful personality.

Many will be wondering why I used ‘was’ in many places and ‘is’ in other sentences. She has now squeezed the radius of her world into the four walls of her house. She has become terribly quiet. She is now a lady who is ready to bear anything in silence. It is not because she is married and her husband likes her to be so. That change has appeared the day she finished her under graduation and left the campus. She has converted herself to something else which not at all suits her.

No one else can change her… she herself has to think and act. Even today, I wish her to lead with the slogan, “thottittilla thottittilla, thottacharithram kettitittilla” (we’d never lost…and never heard a history of being lost).

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