Friday, June 18, 2010

In Amrita:With a Visitor's Pass

Yesterday I went to Amrita University, a place which I hated most till last month. I was all alone when I passed the railway gate. Nature was playing all mischief making me jealous for leaving that campus. The chillness will always make you feel heavenly and the hills, especially my favorite elephant hill was covered with clouds. I felt like killing those clouds for hiding my elephant hill. Security man gave me a visitor’s pass. Hmm… yes, I’m a guest. A guest who felt it was a prison last month; but now yearn to be there enjoying the fine beauty of nature.

Again Gargi Bhavanam, my ‘ex-hostel’ was empty. C-block where I stayed, night canteen, reading room, everything were silent. I was sure I’d break down if I stay there for some more time. To get rid of my feelings, I called up my friend who was busy in her office. When I sensed, she will start crying if I talk more, I disconnected the call.

Amrita is a beautiful maiden. But, for me, I think ASCOMERs are its ornaments. Only with the ornaments she looks perfect. I didn’t go to my department. People may call it attitude or whatever name they could call. But I can’t go to School of Communication of Amrita when my dear friends are not there. From there, I met individuals of distinct characters whom outsiders may call crazy. It’s a place that has gifted me so many hopes, dreams and memories.

When I returned my visitor’s pass and walked back, I could sense my heart telling me to stay back. Truly every one will miss Amrita and Planet Ettimadai if they were a part of it, at least once in a life time. But my label now is that of a guest…a visitor is meant to leave the place as soon as her work is done.



  2. Trespassers will be prosecuted...!!!

  3. seriously man.. dat was a a world...once i hated that place.. but now.... i wish i could stay der once more in with all the crazy classmates of mine

  4. I have not seen Amrita. through ur post i hv known this is such a beautiful place

  5. Its really a cool place...A must visit institution