Friday, June 18, 2010

Dreaming Chandni

Chandni, I don’t know why that house haunts us in our thoughts and dreams. Even though it has changed its name and shape, the present ‘Fathimas’ on the road side of Kuthuparamba diverts our attention while passing by.

Yes! It was a ‘dream come true’ for my grand pa MCV Bhattathiripad and my grand ma Suvarnna. A house on the main road, that too a concrete two storeyed building, was something unimaginable 50 years back.

Grandpa was a famous social worker. He is better known as the founder president of Kerala Senior Citizen Forum, an organization that works for the benefit of senior citizens of the state. He was also a leading advocate. His journey to success along with his wife, children and grand children started from Chandni. Grandma’s yummy food was the main highlight of that house. Even a tea tasted awesome when she prepared. She does each work with dedication and patience. I learned the essence of selfless love and care from this lady.

Happiness even in bad times made that house sweeter. Jokes, fun and humor were enjoyed and appreciated by every one. Immense freedom was given to all to express their wishes and opinions. No guest felt they are aliens when they enter the place. It was our palace where we weaved our dreams. Grandparents gave us full support to chase and fulfill our vision.

As soon as Chandni was sold due to inevitable reasons, it had harsh effects on my grand parents. Grandma’s dementia worsened which worried grandfather. In short both died soon after they left that house.

Chandni had a special fragrance in its surroundings which I couldn’t feel elsewhere. I just can’t explain what it is… but surely it is something heavenly.

Chandni had a life of its own that made outsiders jealous. Each and every brick of the house may have a story to tell. As my dad always tells, ‘grand parents still live there’... does it sound better for a fine ending?


  1. I too miss Chandini... There are a lot of pleasant memories associated with it... Missing those wonderful times!