Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Its exam time....I wish to sing that old rhyme again-"Rain rain go away...Come again another day"!!! The climate here before it rains is awesome.The cool breeze singing soft melodies in our ears and the mountains around hugging the dark clouds.The main thing I'm going to miss when I leave this campus is the natural beauty.I feel Mother Earth has blessed this place with all its exquisiteness.When its cloudy or raining I cant stop myself giving a break from my work and get out of my hostel room to enjoy the loveliness of the nature.
Here is an elephant hills that always make me wonder how the tone of my mind matches with this hill that resembles a huge tusker.I mean when I'm dull, the hill is covered with clouds and when I'm overjoyed, the 'elephant' is very pleasant and clear.
I need a hot sunny climate now so that I don't wonder and run out myself from studies and stop me from moving from this campus after two weeks...