Saturday, June 22, 2013

Here I'm Again

So, what compelled me to take a break from blogging? Answers are many and I must say “all is well”! First of all, I got a job as journalist in a leading Malayalam newspaper. Secondly, I am ‘en-caged’! Some small changes will certainly affect your routines. But the two cases I have mentioned are not just tiny ones. Another interesting thing is that all these incidents happened in May, the month I was born a few years back!
Ok! People complain that my blog posts are not serious these days and I don’t react to social issues. As a journalist, I must do that. Still, give me some time to open up about the problems of this world. In short, this is also a light post! Let me enjoy the new roles for a few days.
Regarding my job, here are a few interesting things that I have noted:
  • Midnights are not scary anymore. It is the time when I see a few pages of newspaper designed by me.
  • Next day’s newspaper is never a suspense if you work at a daily
  • I go to office when others come back and take rest in their houses and vice versa
  • For readers, newspaper is to be read along with bed coffee. But we read it after ‘late night dinner’
  • The day you get ‘off’ is your Sunday when you are in media

All these may be crazy points. However, these are facts. There are more observations to come. These are regarding how to be a decent ‘would be bride’ on your engagement day:
  • Bridal sarees would have been a disaster if safety pins were not invented
  • Learn the habit to walk and talk slowly
  • Give maximum smiles as you are certainly the point of attention
  • Eat little and carefully without ruining your make up

That’s it now! Here is one more warning for you; I will be updating my blog frequently. You better read and comment… Just kidding!  Love you all.