Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Write An Autograph For A Friend

“Hi roopz, when I was arranging my shelf, I saw your autograph. I miss those days. I wish I’d go back to those days and study with you in our last bench.” This is an SMS I received a few days back from my school friend. We were the backbenchers in our class till 10th standard. We’d all fun together taking advantage of our position in the class.

Coming to the point, autographs are the reminiscence of our college or school life. While I check the Feedjit, I’d see many reached my blog after searching ‘how to write slam book/autograph’. May be we never Googled as the word internet was not even heard in our village in those days. Whatever, I don’t think my generation has ever thought that there is a specific method to write autographs.

February is a month of exam preparations as well as farewells. Writing autographs is also a part of farewell. The custom of getting a few words written in your book about you by your dear ones is really lovely. That is the main reason why it still exists in spite of social media networks ruling this world. Autographs can be written in diaries, slam books, notebooks or even in plain papers.

I’m proud to say I was never a bad autograph writer. With an experience of writing autographs from 6th standard till post graduation, I’d say there is no need of a guideline for this. Still, autographs can be damn attractive if you add a few flavors into it:

  • Never be formal. Come on, you are not writing a letter to your college authority. It is an autograph. Make it very simple and direct. I used to write as if I’m talking to them.
  • Don’t worry about your handwriting. Your handwriting also is a part of you which should be remembered by your friend.
  • Clearly mention your contact address, email id and phone number. If it is a diary you can choose the page of your birth date to write.
  • Write whatever you feel like. Don’t stop in one page if you want to say more. Let your friend scream at you for spoiling the autograph! Later, he/she will read all these with a smile.
  • Draw pictures or cartoons. Quote a few incidents related to your friend that happened during the academic year. For close friends, you can also attach your photograph.
  • Always remember, it is too boring to read usual autograph stuffs like “Remember me always”. Instead of that, you can scribble “I’m surely gona kill you if you stare at my face without recognizing me when we meet after a few years”. Your friend will never forget this challenge!

These are simply suggestions of a person who still keep all the old autographs safely. Don’t refuse if someone asks you to write! Anything you scribble will be a memorable gift for your buddy.


  1. kudos post :) loved the points.. we have to be different to be remembered :D
    Scrap book we call the ...
    Sweet memoirs

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  3. that was too an awesome one from you..i loved it...thanks a lot..:)

  4. hahah i gona kill you when you stare at me without reconinzing my face very good like the way whats written here

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