Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rani: The Queen

Actually who are you? A playmate, a guard or a friend… I don’t know how to describe. May be that is the reason why when my maid informed me that you ‘passed away’ I was really shocked. Many will tease me for giving the above phrase for a dog. But I don’t want to write it off as a simple death.
You deserve a special honor for living a prestigious 14 years when other fellow dogs died after miserable 9 years. We called you Rani because you deserve that name. You were the queen of our family. More than anyone else, you were cautious when strangers entered our compound.
You were really unique for me and my cousins because:
  • You were a part of our childhood memories
  • While we were kids, we considered all dogs as monsters except you
  • Except barking, you never did any harm to anyone
  • No one complained that you tried to bite them
  • Like us, you were also little naughty
Even if you ran around the compound when no one noticed, you did not run away from our house. You were a member of our family. That is why my uncle announced that we are not buying any more dogs.
For me, you were a friend who used to stare at me as if you understood whatever I thought sitting in the verandah looking at you. Now all that is left is an empty kennel and a few memoirs. RIP our dear queen Rani… We’ll miss you very badly!


  1. it hurts much to lose those loving ones in life.. :(

  2. Words can't express the feel of missing someone, anyhow you tried your best and its a best tribute to her !
    cheer up roopz. everything will be fine

  3. According to your family Rani is a cherub sent by the god from heaven. She had completed her duty of guarding your family with love for 14 years and now she went back to the same place where she came.You people are very lucky to have her presence and protection for last 14 years.

    I bow my head in respect to Rani

    1. That was really a new angle of thought for me.Thanks Prasoon

  4. Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

    1. You are absolutely right Turnix :)

    2. She might be happy in the heaven Appu