Monday, February 13, 2012

Get Well Soon

Here on the bed,

I stare at the sky,

Boring empty days,

I feel so lonely!

With a sigh I realize,

We share the same sky,

It is the same moon and stars,

It is only one sun we see!

I smiled at sun,

I waved at stars,

I spoke to moon,

All say get well soon!

We have one roof,

We live in one space,

What we can’t is,

Just to see each other!


  1. Will see you soon... Get well soon as u know ALL izzz Wellll.... btw i know wat u feeling now.. but dnt forget u are the princess for sometime ;)

  2. Effect of boredom is awesome !

  3. nice poem...great blog title and the header pic.

    1. Thanks a ton Nithin.And the credit for the header pic goes to my colleagues :)

  4. Wonderful poem. Very heartfelt and beautifully written. And get well soon. :)