Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Perfect Cage

Faraway from my sight,

Cages are being built,

I can choose one,

The perfect one I feel!

From a free world,

With lots of colors,

With bundles of memories,

I’m going to be fettered.

I need to see all smiling,

I want all to be happy,

If a caged me can do so,

Why should I fly again!

Once I decide, I can’t step back,

They’ll put me inside it,

With sigh, tears and relief,

They’ll shut its door!

Inside the cage,

I’ve to adjust myself,

Shades will fade soon,

Fragrance will disappear!

Gold, silver or metal,

I can pick the best for me,

Don’t know how to,

After all, it is a cage!!!


  1. It is an illusion that the happiness of you others can be your happiness if in pursuing that rob yourself of what you were truly destined for. Happiness lies in seeing the truth as it is, not as you would like it to be. A cage is an opportunity to break free from it.

  2. Working for a cooperate is just like being caged :)

  3. Awesome !
    After all of us lives in cage, only the strength of the bars differ and the size as well :P
    Great post and i like the new header !

  4. Brilliant piece of poetry that explores the simple truth of bandage.

    Such a way of expression, really loved it Roopz, Brilliant

    "After All its a Cage" Wow! simple yet powerful.

  5. Thank you so much subhorup dasgupta,The Narcissist, D and Rupertt Wind

  6. :) Good one roops.
    Felt like reading a girls mind: some1 who is getting wed soon.

  7. marriage is not so bad :)
    love the allegory

  8. First time here, these are nice few lines...

  9. Nicely written lines Dear. Last 4 lines describe it good.Yummy!

  10. Oru kshanam pratheekshikkaaraayo????

    1. Ayyo nothing...Just wrote something..Thats it :)

  11. i cn relate...
    feels much batter when i find ppl like u,
    by the way how many disorders u got.?....