About Me

To write about myself is a big task for me. Here you have to write all good things you have done in life. My name is Roopa, a person who like to dream and think. Currently I am associated with different streams of media including websites and print journals. I started this blog named Voice of a Village Girl in 2009 March as a tool to express. The blog deals with many topics such as personal, political, sports, social issues, etc.  Apart from English blog, I also have a Malayalam blog to polish my writings in mother tongue.
Besides blogging, I am an active social media person. I believe using social networking sites can always help you to maintain a strong bond with a group of people with same as well as different ideologies. Outside the virtual world, I am a person who likes to maintain relationships in its purest form. There is a fine circle of friends for me to guide and support. My parents, sibling, cousins and relatives have stood there with me whenever I encounter with any problem.
You can find a reflection of me in my blogs especially here. My emotions, ideas, mood swings and a few life events are scribbled in this blog. In a better way, this blog speaks for me…