Friday, October 25, 2013

I Quit

Should I call it an emotional farewell? Well it is indeed! I must say here I quit blogging.
Let this blog stay as a reminiscence of my wonderful past.
If you ask why I stopped scribbling, I have a few answers. But speaking about it is of no use.
There is no chance of a comeback unless some miracles happen.
Thank you for all your love and care. I'll miss you all....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Here I'm Again

So, what compelled me to take a break from blogging? Answers are many and I must say “all is well”! First of all, I got a job as journalist in a leading Malayalam newspaper. Secondly, I am ‘en-caged’! Some small changes will certainly affect your routines. But the two cases I have mentioned are not just tiny ones. Another interesting thing is that all these incidents happened in May, the month I was born a few years back!
Ok! People complain that my blog posts are not serious these days and I don’t react to social issues. As a journalist, I must do that. Still, give me some time to open up about the problems of this world. In short, this is also a light post! Let me enjoy the new roles for a few days.
Regarding my job, here are a few interesting things that I have noted:
  • Midnights are not scary anymore. It is the time when I see a few pages of newspaper designed by me.
  • Next day’s newspaper is never a suspense if you work at a daily
  • I go to office when others come back and take rest in their houses and vice versa
  • For readers, newspaper is to be read along with bed coffee. But we read it after ‘late night dinner’
  • The day you get ‘off’ is your Sunday when you are in media

All these may be crazy points. However, these are facts. There are more observations to come. These are regarding how to be a decent ‘would be bride’ on your engagement day:
  • Bridal sarees would have been a disaster if safety pins were not invented
  • Learn the habit to walk and talk slowly
  • Give maximum smiles as you are certainly the point of attention
  • Eat little and carefully without ruining your make up

That’s it now! Here is one more warning for you; I will be updating my blog frequently. You better read and comment… Just kidding!  Love you all. 

Saturday, May 4, 2013

My Recent Facebook Quotes

  1. The best as well as worst quality of any girl is her ability to act like best friend with a person whom she actually hates the most!
  2. Unconditional love in Facebook is when you give likes or comments to people even if you know they won’t do it back!
  3. Anyone can be a good guest... But being a fine host is an art !!
  4. In summer, the most divine music you’d listen is that of rain. Thank God, raindrops are creating a wonderful melody around now!
  5. Majority of yesterdays close relationships are just found only in Facebook friends list today!!!
  6. In any kind of relationships, it is a special moment when you realize the other person understands and cares you the same way you do..!!!
  7. Everyone can be a traveler… For being a guide, you must know how tough the ride is!
  8. Gambling with words to cover the real emotions by a flavor of fake smile!
  9. Even if a king has huge count of countrymen obeying him, he will never have friends who consider him as equal…!
  10. The person who brings cooking gas cylinder is the most warmly welcomed guest in any Indian house today!!!

Monday, April 29, 2013

How Does Modern Healthcare Touch Lives?

“There was a doctor who treated patients for 50 ps in your village. Do you know him? Is he your relative?” An old man who came for consultation asked my dad. “Well, he is my father!” my dad replied with a smile. Although I’ve not seen my grandfather, I have heard a lot about him. He died at the age of 45 when his eldest daughter was just 15 years.

My grandfather Mr Neelakantan was born in an orthodox Brahmin family. He did not even get a chance to do schooling. But he had a great determination and dedication towards society. In those days, Brahmins were allowed to gain knowledge of only Sanskrit and Vedic texts. He learned all subjects from his home in spite of the objection from family. Finally he became a medical practitioner. The medicines that he gave to his patients came from abroad. I don’t think our generation can even imagine such a patience and willpower. Later my dad became a physician after completing graduation in medical science. Today he has over 30 years of experience treating various kinds of ailments. 

Born in a doctor’s family, I was not able to spend my school vacations in hill stations or other tourist centers. When my friends tell me of the wonderful places they have seen, I used to feel sad during my childhood days. But today I am in a state to understand the pressure and commitment of a doctor’s job. Even if I picked a different profession, I always admire doctors and modern medicines. They are simply giving their life and days to serve others.

Again as a doctor’s daughter, I knew how to take care of health. Until a particular age, I haven’t tasted ice cream. Similarly we rarely buy bakery items at home. At times I have felt bad that I am not able to dance in the rain because of my health consciousness. Yet everything is fine and well for me till now. I am always proud to say the tradition of medical service will continue in my family through my brother. My sibling is a medical student. He will complete his course within 2 years. Though I am not into medical field, I am sure that I might also get blessings for supporting my dad and brother in their noble cause.

At this time, I could hear our phone ringing. When I picked it, a lady at the other end asked, “I called to ask if doctor will be there at home now. My baby is sick and so we need to meet him soon”. I replied, “Yeah sure! Please come”. It is time for me to clean my dad’s consultation room and welcome a fellow mother and her baby. 

(This post is written for Indiblogger's "How does Modern Healthcare touch lives?" competition in association with Apollo Hospitals

Friday, April 19, 2013

Just Another Human

God made me
Just like you all!
I am a human
Just another lady.

I'm not perfect
I've faults too!
Everyone is same
None is superior.

For my each step
I thank dear ones.
If they didn't care
I would be nothing.

When I see needy
I'd lend a hand.
They don't recollect
But I know histories!

You can sleep well
Without any worries!
Yesterdays are safe
Within my thoughts.

When you wake up,
And avoid a helpless,
Remember in mind
You had a dull past!

Never forget past
Nor hands helped!
You're a toddler
Long back once.

Friday, April 5, 2013

From Yours Radha

­Dear Krishna
I know writing a letter to you is simply a waste as you are busy with your deeds and dear ones. I would be happy if you’d recognize my name once you see this. Hope you are good, healthy and happy. Please don’t ask me ‘how are you’ because you know the answer very well. 

People quote ours as the best love story they have ever heard. I have never said a word against you even today since I always like to hear them spelling your name along with me. I get excited when they say I make the best pair with you. Krishna is a great man for them and let them praise you with no regrets.

Have you ever thought of me hardly ever? If you ask me the same, I’d say “every moment”! Many times I’d this worry of you leaving me. During our golden days, you consoled me with your sweet words. You said you will be with me till the end. At the time you left me saying you have duties to do, I thought you would come back. But when our village folks told me that you have chosen a lady to marry, I was really shocked.

Still I was so thrilled to hear the news of your arrival here. I decorated myself with garlands and ornaments. I waited for you in our usual meeting point in the forest. You came to me and with your enchanting voice, you told I look pretty. After many days, my face turned pink. Then you started narrating all the great things you have done in the recent past. I did not listen anything! I was busy looking at your face, which I had missed for many days. 

Charm on your face can attract anyone. I hated other ladies staring or caressing your face. You enjoyed my possessiveness. You gifted me a flute and walked away saying “you are my most dear one”! Although it is a big compliment, I never expected that you will dump me. If ever you give a hint, I would have stayed away from you. Now tell me, how to through you away from my thoughts?

I am all alone here. I wander in our nearby forests with your memories and flute. I have to be careful not to let anyone feel I am insane. When they spot out, I’ll be chained inside my room. If they do so, I will not be able to walk through the ways we have walked holding our hands! 

You are a prominent figure and so I do not want to make you feel guilty. Whenever you wish to see me, I’ll be here. Again, it is my stupidity to think you will be back! At times, you visit me in my dreams making a day very pleasant. If we live today, we would be at least Facebook friends.

Oh God! You might be irritated with my mad words. All I wanted to say is that I miss our wonderful moments where there were just you and me. When it comes to love, I am a human being not a goddess!

From Yours (Yeah! You read it right)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Twilight to Sunlight

How are you?
I am good
How is real you?
No one bother!

Deep inside
Behind covers
I search myself
For all answers!

Eyes with tears
Face with fears
Expect from me,
Not anymore!

Cozy and easy,
Past memories,
Looking at moon,
Walks in twilight!

Moon must go
For a bright day!
Haunt me not
With sweetness!

Let me learn
To face sun rays.
Still I’d remember
My past with smile

Monday, March 11, 2013

Birthday Baby

Guess what…! I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop staring on the screen for last few minutes. I am highly confused on how to start the blog post. Was that the same that I experienced exactly three years back? But the conditions are different now. Three years ago, blogosphere was a new world for me. It took almost one year for me to explore and understand the possibilities of blogging. From name, design, development to promotion, I did all things alone! Today, I can proudly say my blog has completed three beautiful years in blogosphere.

Earlier, I kept on nagging my friends to read my blog whenever I publish a new post. I must say I am thankful for all my dear ones for bearing me patiently. Besides my friends, parents and relatives, there are many fellow bloggers who visit my blog frequently to give me valuable remarks. I have stopped the habit of mentioning names of people in gratitude list as I don’t want to skip or remove any names in the next special posts. Thanks to all!

Now here are a few things to know about my blog and blogger life:

The voyage of my blog from a class room to web world is still a surprise for me. This post might be one of the smallest posts in Village Girl’s blog. If it is a dearest moment or thing, you’ll find it hard to describe. Wishing my blog a very happy birthday! Thanks for making my life wonderful…

Monday, March 4, 2013

Creative Blogger Awards

Choosing a couple of blogs from the blogosphere is a tough task. The same reason stopped me from writing “blogger award” posts. But now, one of the cute little blogger friends have gifted me a creative blogger award. Her post compels me to nominate Creative Bloggers from my side.

Here are the rules:
1. Thank the Blogger and link back to the blog
2. a. Three things about yourself
    b. Two things People don't know about you
    c. One thing you want to change about yourself
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on.
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated

Firstly, I thank Anjali Kumar for giving me the award. I like her blog very much as I could find an innocence as well as liveliness in her writing. She says, “You are one of them who always encourage me with your words”. The realization that I am able to give confidence to her in spite of my very little knowledge in blogging makes me happy.

Then three things about myself:

  • I like simple life and easy thoughts
  • Blogging is my passion, a part of my identity
  • I am a girl who like fancy ornaments especially earrings and bangles

Two things People don't know about me:

  • Over caring and at times sensitive
  • A little possessive about my dear ones

One thing I want to change about myself:

  • I need to be a bookworm again

Questions asked by the blogger:

1. That small thing which make a curve on your lips: Sight of anything cute
2. That one word which describe your life: Straightforward
3. That one thing which you want to vanish from this world: Inequality of gender
4. Your idea of a perfect life: Live Let Live
5. Most valuable thing in your daily life: Myself

It is time to announce my nominees. Here they are:
Deepak Karthik:         Whatever It Takes
Meenakshi Nautiyal:  Innocent Heart Speaks
Prashanth:                    My Perception
Subhorup Dasgupta:   Subho's Jejune Diet
Saru Singhal:                Words

Now the questions from my side to the nominees:
1. The best thing you love about yourself:
2. Your definition of happiness:
3. One good and bad feature of your country:

I have completed my job. Congrats all the winners. Thanks for supporting me and other fellow bloggers. Have a great blogger life ahead!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Cheers to Best Drink

For last couple of post, I was sticking on the online life. Although I am a person who prefers a lovely offline life rather being an online creature, I spend my days more in the virtual world today. It doesn’t mean I blabber all the happenings of my life in the web! I wonder why I am writing these stuffs when the post is nowhere related to my virtual life! See, that is why I always say the lifestyle will be reflected in your words.

Let me come to the point… I’d a city life one year back and now the only reminiscence of those days are the discount/offer SMSes from Dominos that reaches my cell phone once in a while. Fast food, nightlife, shopping, traveling, having fun at beach… A different style of life! Still I cannot say Kozhikode is a city completely as it has some essence of rural life. Anyway, I’ve stepped down from that place in last February. 

When I reached my village, I felt I miss many of the fun that I had last year. Today I’ve to be at home before the sunset since it is not ‘safe’ for females to roam around at night. Pizza had become one of my favorite foods from my college days. Now, I’ve to go all the way to nearby cities to eat that. Again, beaches were my dearest hangout places, which I could see only in pictures today. All these were my initial thoughts. At present I am not much bothered about loses I’ve in a village life.

The best things I receive in my rural world are truly worthy to be proud of. Apart from the fresh air and greenery, I must say the greatest gift that my family could access is pure water. Chlorinated drinking water has become common today. But we have a clean well from which we can draw many buckets of fresh water. Not many homes in India enjoy the happiness of drinking fine water from their own well. 

As a physician, my dad insists our family to drink boiled water. I never cared his suggestion of drinking hot water from my home. “We are blessed with a well from where we can fetch pure water. We must be thankful for that and must drink it without boiling.” – I argue with him every time I take a gulp! 

Eating and drinking are the most essential needs of a living being. If you are lucky to have both, you must thank Mother Earth for blessing you. Again, never forget to offer food and water to the needy people especially in summer as it is the best thing you can give them. Also, keep some water in a tumbler in the courtyard of your home so that birds and animals could take a sip. Let us pray for the rain to come soon and provide lots of water.

(Although I have deviated from the topic, the main theme of this post is water. Please find time to appreciate this best drink on the planet!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Remarks For New Comers

“I am just a beginner in blogging. Please do not torture me with your criticisms!” When I found such a post in one of the Malayalam bloggers Facebook group, I decided to ask her the details. She says someone had condemned the language of her very first poem. The criticizer commented in her blog post that as a follower of her religion, she must not write in such a way. It seems her poem sounded against the beliefs and practices of her religious conviction.

Since I have not tried to write in revolutionary language in my blogs, I did not face such criticisms. Yet I have suffered some kind of depressing comments in the beginning. As I know, the negative remarks will affect the creativity, I told her not to lose her confidence with such criticisms. When you are a beginner, everything is new for you. The positive and negative words may determine their attitude towards blogging. 

Some may even stop blogging once they find comments like ‘you are not fit to write’! When I started this blog, so many people made fun of me. At times I found remarks like other readers of my blog are fools to simply read and leave good comments. There were instances when I planned to delete my blog. Only at bad times, you will realize who your real friends are! During my initial days of blogging, I found a few friends who encouraged me to write more. It is because of them I never let my blog to hibernate for many days. 

Again there will be mood swings that may compel you to write either emotional posts or keep silence. I also had a very hard blow in my blogging days, which made me stop writing for a while. As usual, one of my very best friends told me that I must continue writing since there is a group of people who wish to read my words. There is another well wisher of mine who opines about my blog only as SMS.

It is nice to remember those olden days and how I came all the way! When the count of my followers reached 100, I felt as if I’d conquered a kingdom. From 100 followers, the growth was tremendous. I still wonder how it happened! However I am happy today that I am in a state to listen to all kinds of remarks. Neither positive nor negative words affect my viewpoint about blogging. 

Even though I can bear the harsh comments in my blogging, I know the mindset of a newcomer. I could identify the excitement and hope of a new blogger. As a so called experienced blogger, I never try to put down the confidence of beginners. In fact, I myself sense the appreciations I offer to the new ones are too high. I believe everyone has the ability to express. The only thing a writer must do is to polish them by continuous writing.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blocked Words

Words Blocked Again,
Waiting for a Blow!

For Another Fresh Start,
Let Me Unwind!

Friday, February 1, 2013

A Homely Year

Exactly one year before, I went to meet a doctor after a severe pain in my knees. Doctor said I’d a ligament dislocation and needs a few months rest. Even though the boss at my previous office allowed me to work from home, I found it hard to do that. Finally, I had to take a tough decision to quit my job and stay back home. From last February, I live in my home without going out much. Although I visit my friends and relatives at times, I spend most of the hours at my own house.

Once I could sit properly, I started to work as a freelance content writer. In addition to that, I lived and died each day on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, Indiblogger, what not…! When I realized that sitting idle will make depressed, I never allowed myself to be free except during the sleep.

Here are the positives of one year homely life:

  • Received so many virtual friends even while I kept a distance from those whom I’ve not met directly
  • Read so many fine articles and blog posts
  • Realized social media can be a tool for social work too
  • Became more familiar with blogging and bloggers
  • Peak of boredom lead me to read books
  • De-addicted from the habit of SMSing
  • Tried to develop the skill of leadership by leading a few Facebook groups
  • Started to observe the variations of my surroundings more keenly
  • Watched a few good movies in TV that I’d missed earlier
  • Learned to cook food independently though never call me an expert 

Every subject has two sides. Along with merits, there are some demerits for this homely life too. The following are the negatives:

  • Missing the fun at work along with colleagues
  • Feeling of loneliness when I’m offline
  • Addicted more to internet
  • Boring online life and always long to be offline

There ends the story of advantages and disadvantages of one year. We never know about the future and it always remains as suspense. Me too waiting for the next episode! If it has something special to speak of, check the blog for the updates. Thanks for your love!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Story Of A Malabari

One of my colleagues in my previous office dragged me into a Facebook group named Malabaris. The word meaning of Malabaris is the people of Malabar. However, the group was not confined for ‘Malabaris’. People from all the corners of Kerala joined the group. Actually a few districts of North Kerala is known as Malabar. This was a British version of referring a district in Kerala named Malappuram. 

Although Malabar comprises of many districts, all of them are identical in many aspects. The natives of these areas are famous for their hospitality. Since you will find the best foodies in these districts of Kerala, they are also ready to prepare and serve yummy dishes to their guests. There are many other features like admiration to all kinds of music, art forms and sports. Most of the places in Malabar are still developing and so there is innocence in the behavior of the natives. Do I sound like boasting? Well, come to Malabar once and you’ll realize I am not hyping too much.

Facebook groups have created a wild sensation among the users. Apart from being a meeting place of people of same interest, it has also helped in formation of donation camps and venues for other social activities. Malabaris aims at gathering people who like fun and friendship. When I joined, all I did in the group was to paste the links of my new blog posts. I should say I remained as an inactive member in Malabaris for more than one year with the exception of posting my blog updates.

Sooner the admins of the group invited me for a chat with the group. That segment helped me to interact with most of the active members. The question and answer session went for about 2-3 days. It was at that time I checked more about the group. Within a few days, admins asked me if I can lead the group with them. As the leaders at that time was highly active, I thought even if I’m the admin it will be just a namesake job. But I was completely mistaken. Everyone had their own roles to do without any delay for the progress of the group.

In a few months, the group reached the one lakh membership mark. This mark is rare among Malayalam groups. The whole thing of controlling such a group is not a simple task. There will be issues and disputes every day. Whenever a problem happens, members will come to admins for help. We have to sort out the problems patiently. I learned the skill of leadership from this group. 

I am not sure how many more days will I be able to lead the group with other admins. Out of stress, I’d even tried to quit the admin post and membership from the group many times. Yet, the care and affection of the group members helped me to rethink about my decision and get back to the track. For me to remain as a fine performer in a group with one lakh (100 thousand) members, I must thank other fellow admins and members who have supported me.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Really Fake

A strange mystery,
A clueless game,
An unending hope,
Defines my life!

Silence may hurt,
So do the words.
Blocked thoughts,
Stuck in my dream.

World of smileys,
Sweetness of likes
Clicks and Enter
Connect us always!

Keep in touch,
Just a formal request.
Even if I don’t
Nothing changes!

If it let me smile,
I do admire a lie.
If it let me cry,
I don’t prefer truth.

Fake world of mind
I’ve created for me!
Ask me not to run,
As I hate to do that!

Let me remove masks
To be myself at night!
Here ends a day
And my imaginaries!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Unexpected Shower

Dead thoughts
Unfocused ideas
Cloudy black sky
Sweaty dull day!

From a distance,
Then came a roar!
Ended the suspense
With heavy shower.

Dry soil and leaves
Thirsty creatures
Thanked with joy
For a lovely rain!

A valley and hill
Just me and myself
A tiny water drop
Kissed my forehead!

Oh! Rain vanished
Just like memoirs.
Was it a dream?
Wet earth says not!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Hope From Static To Dynamic (2012 to 2013)

Today is the day when most of us open the bundle of memories of last year. I still remember posting a memoir about 2011 in which my friend had designed a picture for the blog post. Every year has something worthy/ worthless to remember. For me, last year was almost static. I don’t have much exciting things to write on so called “offline memories”. In case of online life, I’ve plenty to scribble. Since I am a creature who likes real world rather than virtual sphere, let me start with the former first.

Offline Memories:
In the beginning of the year 2012, I’d a wonderful trip with my relatives to some of the South Indian hill stations. Although it was a three day tour, we enjoyed maximum. On the way, I’d a ligament injury which was misunderstood as a sprain. Since we thought it was a minor injury, neither I nor my relatives cared about it. After the tour, doctor identified it as ligament dislocation

From January onwards, my world was confined only in “online”! Although my boss and colleagues helped me to work from home, I felt I’ve to step down from the role of SEO Executive at Webnamaste. I had no idea on how to survive with the label ‘jobless’! It was then I started working as Freelance Content Writer. Even if there is no much fun like office hours, working from home gave me confidence. 

When coming to personal life, I did not get many new friends as I couldn’t interact with people unlike previous years. Again, there are many who left me for making their days bright. Usually I dedicate and thank people by mentioning their names. This year I don’t want to do that because I fear at least a few will leave or hate me so that I couldn’t repeat those names next year.

Online Recollections:

As I was not active physically, all I’d do is to participate energetically in the virtual world. Twitter, Facebook and Blogs made my year. One of the admins of Malayalam Bloggers in Facebook invited me to join their group. Their only criterion for being a member is to have a Malayalam blog. Starting a blog in one’s own mother tongue is always special. I must say, now my Malayalam blog is more talkative and active than Village Girl. 

Village Girl was quiet at times and otherwise on the go. It completed two milestones of blogging- 1,00,000 page views and 200 followers. Also, I found that a cultureless blogger had stolen more than 100s of my blog posts. The enormous support I received from blogger community and my online friends helped me to recover from the shock.

You might be wondering why I wrote only personal stuff in the post about 2012. There will be many to write regarding Sachin’s retirement or Delhi rape. That doesn’t mean those incidences are insignificant. I still have time to discuss about them later. Now I want to wrap up this post without making it lengthy. So I Wish You All a Prosperous and Happy New Year! Similarly, I hope this year will be a dynamic year for me too…

(This happens to be my 200th post. Thanks for all your support and encouragement. Hope you will appreciate and criticize my works in future too)