Thursday, January 10, 2013

An Unexpected Shower

Dead thoughts
Unfocused ideas
Cloudy black sky
Sweaty dull day!

From a distance,
Then came a roar!
Ended the suspense
With heavy shower.

Dry soil and leaves
Thirsty creatures
Thanked with joy
For a lovely rain!

A valley and hill
Just me and myself
A tiny water drop
Kissed my forehead!

Oh! Rain vanished
Just like memoirs.
Was it a dream?
Wet earth says not!


  1. A beautiful poem on rain, when it is unexpected, it's even more beautiful. Last line where you have written about Earth vouching for the event is lovely.

  2. The village girl has voiced a rain so well.. Good one!

  3. Absolutely soothing poem,mesmerising,to say the least...great work...

  4. Nice one with the fantastic feel....

  5. beautiful! the scantiness in your words have made it more open and imaginable, which adds to the beauty of the fact when a sudden rain comes along, takes our pain away for a few moments, and then vanishes quickly as it had appeared.

    1. Thanks a lot for your wonderful remark Pratik Mohapatra

  6. Been so late to respond. nicely done. i wonder does the rain is a metaphor or something.