Friday, January 27, 2012

Rain For A Life

While it rains,

I feel it is better to be dry.

When it is dry,

I want it to rain!

Stormy or calm

Violence or silence

Every rain is painful,

Every rain supports birth!

I love the pain,

As I need a life!

I want a birth

From the seed!

Cloudy up in the sky,

Sweating before rain,

I beg for a shower,

I wait for raindrops!

Born out of a struggle,

Laughing at the pain,

No matter what happens,

It should rain heavily!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deathly Deadline

Yesterday, when I heard the news that Sukumar Azhikode is no more, the first thought that came into my mind was about my reporter friend. The death of veteran writer and social activist is undoubtedly a huge loss for Kerala. But the way media covered the whole story is really pathetic. I’m so sorry to say the press celebrated his illness without giving any clemency to this cancer patient

To know more about the news coverage, I called up my friend. When I called her, she was relieved from the duty as the dead body of Azhikode was moved from Thrissur. She was assigned to report each and every incident happening in the hospital where Azhikode was admitted. According to her, all the representatives of Malayalam channels and newspapers and a few from national media had camped in front of the hospital room from last Saturday onwards. They stayed there without proper food, rest or toilet facilities. “Actually one of the news channels started giving news stories regarding Azhikode’s illness. As a result, we were also forced to report that.” Says my friend. Even she felt the way it was covered was too harsh.

When I think from a media point of view, it is right. Channels exaggerated each moment of this newsmaker from beginning till the end as it had viewers to watch it eagerly. If a particular channel or journal refuse to cover this story on humanitarian background, their rating will go down. Again, the media that covers as many reports in as many angles as possible will get maximum TRP. After all, everyone wants themselves to prosper. Leaving all aspects of journalist, as a fellow news observer, I believe the way the media showered stories especially Azhikode’s very personal things is a little unethical.

Anyway, now everything is over. When a reporter of Times of India visited Sukumar Azhikode in hospital, he said, “You have reported many of Azhikode's speeches in the past. Now you will have to report the `Silence' of Azhikode." That is the end of a famous legend. Today, once the funeral is over, no media will follow him again. The reporters who went to cover the story out of pressure, the media people who waited outside Amala hospital and those who prayed for that death to happen soon in order to go back home can all take rest. Meanwhile, the channel and newspaper owners can look for the next person to be hospitalized and prepare their obituaries.

Friday, January 20, 2012

One Year With A Team

(Photos: Shahan)

Just like my other friends, when he told me that he is leaving abroad today morning, I felt sad. Yet, he left with his family for a vacation abroad. Also, he is going for a job hunt there. I still remember him blushing when we asked about his lover. His cute little chubby cheeks turned pink at that time. At office, whenever I completed a sentence, I used to turn at him and ask “Isn’t Shan?”… Like a little brother, he used to smile at me and will say, “Yes. Why not?”! He loved luxuries and gadgets a lot. We worked together for one year. Together, we had witnessed many ups and downs, ego clashes and happy. Anyway, wishing him all the very best and a bright future! That is the specialty of today. Last year too, this day was special for me.

20 January 2011 was my first day in office. It was the day I realized the value of holding the designation as ‘employed’. Many friends, so many web promotion techniques and a lot of fun that is what I could get from my company. I can proudly say that I’m bonded to each and every member of this team. I was so delighted when my previous manager told me that it is the presence of me which make her visit this office frequently. Initially, when I joined I had no intention to stay here for more than three months. Things, situations and clients have changed. However, the only thing that remains is the bonding between the team. It is the same that holds me close to this company.

For past one year, I sit in the same chair and use the same system. This place is so special because I’m the first person whom everyone wishes when they enter the office. Similarly, each and every one while leaving the office smile and wave their hands at me. They are my strength, support and encouragement. We enjoy here like our college days along with giving serious attention to our work too.

It has been one year since I joined Webnamaste. My first job, first salary… Words getting choked while writing and so nothing more to say except a big thanks to Team Webnamaste!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Century For Village Girl

Yesterday when I tweeted that I have 99 blog friends (or followers) and I’m waiting for one to complete the century, Shamem Salim replied: “Shall I?” I tweeted back: “I'll be glad if you follow”. He did and now I’ve 100 people following my blog. It was one of the best moments of my life.

There are so many people who encouraged and criticized me. Many times, I found it hard to survive before criticisms. Some called my blog ‘stupid’ and me an ‘idiot’. I don’t have answers for them. But I’m sure that their remarks have helped me to grow.

“Even if 100 people follow you, only 10 will read your blog seriously” said Vinay, one of my blogger friends. Though it is true, the number of people following you can always encourage you. From one to hundred, the journey of village girl was awesome. It is really nostalgic to remember.

I started blogging after reading one of college friend’s blog. I keep asking my friends to read and comment initially. My cousin brother Anoop is the first follower of my blog. When I entered social media, I posted the links of my blogposts in that too. In last January, I joined an SEO company. I slowly came to know the techniques of web promotions.

Even if I promote outside my friends circle, it is my buddies who encouraged and supported me the most. Meenakshi, Nisha Dilip, Vipin Das, Navin Varghese Anees MM, Vidya Varghese, Vinod Bhattathiripad, Aravind KN, Jyothi M, Priyanka, Jabir and my colleagues of Webnamaste- these are a few names who helped me to go ahead with my blogging.

An invisible blessing from my grandfather MCV Bhattathiripad always guides me. It is the same that gives me courage to write more and more about social issues. I won’t claim that my blog has at least 50% perfection. Yet I can proudly say that there are some people who read my blog.