Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Century For Village Girl

Yesterday when I tweeted that I have 99 blog friends (or followers) and I’m waiting for one to complete the century, Shamem Salim replied: “Shall I?” I tweeted back: “I'll be glad if you follow”. He did and now I’ve 100 people following my blog. It was one of the best moments of my life.

There are so many people who encouraged and criticized me. Many times, I found it hard to survive before criticisms. Some called my blog ‘stupid’ and me an ‘idiot’. I don’t have answers for them. But I’m sure that their remarks have helped me to grow.

“Even if 100 people follow you, only 10 will read your blog seriously” said Vinay, one of my blogger friends. Though it is true, the number of people following you can always encourage you. From one to hundred, the journey of village girl was awesome. It is really nostalgic to remember.

I started blogging after reading one of college friend’s blog. I keep asking my friends to read and comment initially. My cousin brother Anoop is the first follower of my blog. When I entered social media, I posted the links of my blogposts in that too. In last January, I joined an SEO company. I slowly came to know the techniques of web promotions.

Even if I promote outside my friends circle, it is my buddies who encouraged and supported me the most. Meenakshi, Nisha Dilip, Vipin Das, Navin Varghese Anees MM, Vidya Varghese, Vinod Bhattathiripad, Aravind KN, Jyothi M, Priyanka, Jabir and my colleagues of Webnamaste- these are a few names who helped me to go ahead with my blogging.

An invisible blessing from my grandfather MCV Bhattathiripad always guides me. It is the same that gives me courage to write more and more about social issues. I won’t claim that my blog has at least 50% perfection. Yet I can proudly say that there are some people who read my blog.


  1. congrats dear... keep posting :)

  2. Cool... wishes to make it more :)
    happy blogging :)

  3. Way to go Roopz!!!!!!Keep doing the good job, we r all proud of u!!!!

  4. Hey, Congratulations on the Ton!!! I know how much it means...
    Keep up the good show and more are sure to follow...
    Well Done!!!
    PS: Thanks for mentioning me as a motivator, but it has been you who have helped me to take-off in the blogging world.

  5. century century... congratz chechi :P :D keep doin bettr wrkz.. <3

  6. well done Roopa...Keep up the good job...it is not the perfection that matters..it is the originality in thinking, the originality in words and the originality in the expression that matters..may your blog move on to many more heights and dimensions...God Bless