Monday, February 27, 2012

Speaking Against God

Indians find holiness in almost everything. Sun, moon, stars, trees, plants, animals, etc… The last one in this category is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the cricket god! A person or an object that can show amazing performance is considered as Godly.

In that case, Sachin is a super human creature who has no much record to break in the field of cricket. However, it should be admitted that he is a human being with excellent character. He is one of the best icons in the world. He is known for his simplicity, humbleness and hard work.

Sachin has never asked or begged anyone for a membership in the team. Whenever he says he needs rest, BCCI has accepted the request kindheartedly. He can leave the team and come back at anytime. If ever someone tries to question, God’s record spoke for Him. But he had never misused his freedom. He was a true role model for young players around the globe.

When former Australian captain Ricky Ponting was thrown out from the Aussies one day team, a few Indians might have thought against God. Sachin played more than 30 matches after his last century. The whole universe is waiting for his 100th century. May be the effect of that huge pressure, what we see now is a struggling god in the crease.

Sachin has nothing more to prove. I am a great admirer of Sachin who wish to see his comeback. Also, I don’t want to see him to be cursed by the public who once praised him. This is a prayer to the God (Sachin or Almighty); let the little master score a century in 100s or else give us the patience!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rani: The Queen

Actually who are you? A playmate, a guard or a friend… I don’t know how to describe. May be that is the reason why when my maid informed me that you ‘passed away’ I was really shocked. Many will tease me for giving the above phrase for a dog. But I don’t want to write it off as a simple death.
You deserve a special honor for living a prestigious 14 years when other fellow dogs died after miserable 9 years. We called you Rani because you deserve that name. You were the queen of our family. More than anyone else, you were cautious when strangers entered our compound.
You were really unique for me and my cousins because:
  • You were a part of our childhood memories
  • While we were kids, we considered all dogs as monsters except you
  • Except barking, you never did any harm to anyone
  • No one complained that you tried to bite them
  • Like us, you were also little naughty
Even if you ran around the compound when no one noticed, you did not run away from our house. You were a member of our family. That is why my uncle announced that we are not buying any more dogs.
For me, you were a friend who used to stare at me as if you understood whatever I thought sitting in the verandah looking at you. Now all that is left is an empty kennel and a few memoirs. RIP our dear queen Rani… We’ll miss you very badly!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Self

I miss my self,

The beauty in me!

I care my self,

The soul inside me!

Deep inside me,

I live for my self!

Good or ugly,

I dream my self!

Tears cannot tear

The smile for my self!

Time cannot tame

The memories with my self!

Days move on,

I stick to my self!

Life goes on,

I survive for my self!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Write An Autograph For A Friend

“Hi roopz, when I was arranging my shelf, I saw your autograph. I miss those days. I wish I’d go back to those days and study with you in our last bench.” This is an SMS I received a few days back from my school friend. We were the backbenchers in our class till 10th standard. We’d all fun together taking advantage of our position in the class.

Coming to the point, autographs are the reminiscence of our college or school life. While I check the Feedjit, I’d see many reached my blog after searching ‘how to write slam book/autograph’. May be we never Googled as the word internet was not even heard in our village in those days. Whatever, I don’t think my generation has ever thought that there is a specific method to write autographs.

February is a month of exam preparations as well as farewells. Writing autographs is also a part of farewell. The custom of getting a few words written in your book about you by your dear ones is really lovely. That is the main reason why it still exists in spite of social media networks ruling this world. Autographs can be written in diaries, slam books, notebooks or even in plain papers.

I’m proud to say I was never a bad autograph writer. With an experience of writing autographs from 6th standard till post graduation, I’d say there is no need of a guideline for this. Still, autographs can be damn attractive if you add a few flavors into it:

  • Never be formal. Come on, you are not writing a letter to your college authority. It is an autograph. Make it very simple and direct. I used to write as if I’m talking to them.
  • Don’t worry about your handwriting. Your handwriting also is a part of you which should be remembered by your friend.
  • Clearly mention your contact address, email id and phone number. If it is a diary you can choose the page of your birth date to write.
  • Write whatever you feel like. Don’t stop in one page if you want to say more. Let your friend scream at you for spoiling the autograph! Later, he/she will read all these with a smile.
  • Draw pictures or cartoons. Quote a few incidents related to your friend that happened during the academic year. For close friends, you can also attach your photograph.
  • Always remember, it is too boring to read usual autograph stuffs like “Remember me always”. Instead of that, you can scribble “I’m surely gona kill you if you stare at my face without recognizing me when we meet after a few years”. Your friend will never forget this challenge!

These are simply suggestions of a person who still keep all the old autographs safely. Don’t refuse if someone asks you to write! Anything you scribble will be a memorable gift for your buddy.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely

After a phone call yesterday, I started dialing *888# as usual. In !dea, when you dial this number you’ll get a list of dialer tones from which you can opt a number to set the hello tune in your cell.

As I continued playing in that, I received an SMS “Dear Customer, Thanks for choosing the dialer tone. Rs. 30 will be deducted from the main balance.”

Oh God! I don’t even know what song I chose. Instead of pressing the number for the next page, I may have dialed some other digit. I tried to check what crap I picked by calling from my landline. It was the usual ring.

I messaged a few of my friends to dial my number and verify the song. They too didn’t hear any. Only 1 Re is remaining in my balance. Whatever, I decided to call customer care.

“Welcome to !dea customer care…” The usual procedures, press 1, 2, 3 etc. Finally over to customer care executive (CCE).

CCE: Hello Madam, How can I help you?

Me: Well, accidentally I’ve picked a dialer tone. Actually, I don’t need it. Is it possible to refund?

CCE: I’m afraid we can’t.

Me: Hmm… I tried to check which song I have selected from another phone. But I couldn’t hear any song. Why so? At least tell me, which song I chose?

CCE: Wait a second Ma’m… (After a pause) You have chosen a song named SHOW ME THE MEANING OF LONELY from the movie Backstreet Boys. It is activated now. Is there anything more to know?

Me: Err… No Thanks.

CCE: Thanks for calling.

Oops! That song is too much and hats off to CCE for her knowledge in music (Actually the song is third single off Backstreet Boys' 1999 album, Millennium). So my cell is going to sing this song of loneliness for next one month.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Get Well Soon

Here on the bed,

I stare at the sky,

Boring empty days,

I feel so lonely!

With a sigh I realize,

We share the same sky,

It is the same moon and stars,

It is only one sun we see!

I smiled at sun,

I waved at stars,

I spoke to moon,

All say get well soon!

We have one roof,

We live in one space,

What we can’t is,

Just to see each other!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Perfect Cage

Faraway from my sight,

Cages are being built,

I can choose one,

The perfect one I feel!

From a free world,

With lots of colors,

With bundles of memories,

I’m going to be fettered.

I need to see all smiling,

I want all to be happy,

If a caged me can do so,

Why should I fly again!

Once I decide, I can’t step back,

They’ll put me inside it,

With sigh, tears and relief,

They’ll shut its door!

Inside the cage,

I’ve to adjust myself,

Shades will fade soon,

Fragrance will disappear!

Gold, silver or metal,

I can pick the best for me,

Don’t know how to,

After all, it is a cage!!!