Monday, February 27, 2012

Speaking Against God

Indians find holiness in almost everything. Sun, moon, stars, trees, plants, animals, etc… The last one in this category is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the cricket god! A person or an object that can show amazing performance is considered as Godly.

In that case, Sachin is a super human creature who has no much record to break in the field of cricket. However, it should be admitted that he is a human being with excellent character. He is one of the best icons in the world. He is known for his simplicity, humbleness and hard work.

Sachin has never asked or begged anyone for a membership in the team. Whenever he says he needs rest, BCCI has accepted the request kindheartedly. He can leave the team and come back at anytime. If ever someone tries to question, God’s record spoke for Him. But he had never misused his freedom. He was a true role model for young players around the globe.

When former Australian captain Ricky Ponting was thrown out from the Aussies one day team, a few Indians might have thought against God. Sachin played more than 30 matches after his last century. The whole universe is waiting for his 100th century. May be the effect of that huge pressure, what we see now is a struggling god in the crease.

Sachin has nothing more to prove. I am a great admirer of Sachin who wish to see his comeback. Also, I don’t want to see him to be cursed by the public who once praised him. This is a prayer to the God (Sachin or Almighty); let the little master score a century in 100s or else give us the patience!


  1. Swaram Nannavumbol Paatu niruthanam ennu oru chollund... Now I know the real meaning of it... I hope that in the quest for that elusive hundredth ton, he will not fall further low... And if he has nothing more to prove, why linger on??? He could have retired from ODIs after world cup (the only honour that was missing from his kitty) and played tests to get to that 100th ton..That would have been the best moment to call it a day!!!

    1. His retirement will be a sad news for Indians.But we'll have to face it one day.May be soon...

    2. nisha....
      swaram epozha moshamaavune enu namukk ariyaan kazhiyumaayirunnenkil, den wat u said is tru....
      nannayirikumbol paattu nirthaamm..!!!

      abt sachin....d man who taught u n me wat cricket is...
      d man whom we call GOD...

      he decided to come into cricket..b4 25 yrs n dont he hav d right to decide about his life...!!!!

      and all those who speak nw against sachin will clap wen he scores runs again n wont say he has to retire...

      this is indians point finger on others.not evn looking at self......



    3. I agree with Nisha.He has to retire some day.So it is perfect to do it when he is playing well rather than simply making others to laugh at him.

  2. Sachin has something to be proved :D BEST CAPTAIN ? CAPTAINCY ?
    He is legend and none can touch his place in Indian cricket even in future !
    He should not retire at a bad note

    1. Sachin only gave up the captaincy when he felt he can't handle that pressure!